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Help? :)

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Hi Guys

I have a question that some of you may be able to help me with......

we have 3 kittens, 1 female, 2 male. we THINK the female is pregnant, just from reading forums posts here. the female is only 3 months old!!! shes still a baby! but the male is 6 months old who we think has mated with the female.

shes the most attentive out of all 3, shes LOVES attention from us. we have seen them mating, and stopped it (he wasnt pleased hehe). if i see babys come out of the female, im going to panic and not know what to do!! help!!


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And we are getting them spayed, although maybe too late for the girl.....

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Matt...I have not read of a cat being able to conceive at 3 months. Are you sure she is 3 months?? For now, please keep your female seperate from your males...and please have your males neutered!

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I would not think she could concieve so young. I would definitely keep them seperated until you can get them fixed.
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It is unlikely the female was sexually mature enough at 3 months old to conceive - although one of mine came into heat around 3 1/2 months old - so it may be possible. However, the male definitely is old enough and he will keep getting more and more sexually demanding. He is old enough now to be neutered and you may wish to consider getting that right away for the comfort and happiness of all concerned - including your male:-).

One other thing: if your female is pregnant, the vet can still spay her. You didn't say how long ago this 'mating' took place but it couldn't have been very long ago so you could spay the little girl. Have your vet check her out to see if she is sexually mature yet or not.

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Having taken a litter in where the female was found to be pregnant at 5 months- I had her spayed anyway. I would encourage you to go ahead with the spay if your conscience allows you to, though 3 months it is pretty iffy that she is even pregnant-
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Thankyou for your replies!

We are going straight to the vets to get them spayed! good advice!

I really hope she isnt pregnant, i want to go and get her done before she can get pregnant.

Thanks Guys

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