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Hi Everyone

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My name is Ann, and I am new to the site. A run of bad luck has pulled us down financially, and we are looking for ways to earn enough money, to be able to spay and neuter, four stray kittens, who have won our hearts, and helped us through a very rough time. We are selling handmade kitten magnets, and would like other ideas, on other things to make, or other ways to earn money.
Anyone having any ideas would truly be appreciated.
Please visit our web site for our story and pics of the kittens.
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Ann !So glad you joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I'm really sorry you're having this difficult time financially. Isn't it wonderful how our babies give us strength and warm our hearts even in the most trying of times.Others will come along with wonderful advice for you. I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS

Im not sure about raising money, but you should look around for a low cost spay/neuter! I know a lot of them will let you make payments, ect, someone should be around to point you in the right direction soon, but I will have a look for you, what city are you in?

Bless you for taking in these kitties and wanting to help them out!
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Clean out closets and storage areas - Have a yard sale with the stuff you no longer want to keep.

Cut back on the little "luxuries". Instead of buying potato chips or snacks at the grocery store, put the extra money in a big jar and save it. If you can skim $5 or $10 a week off the groceries, by the end of 4 weeks you would have $20 or $40 extra dollars.

Look under couch cushions, behind furniture (and my fav place) in the pockets of clothes to be washed for spare change. Put that in a big jar and save it.

Hope these are helpful to you,

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Hi Ann, welcome to TCS!!!! and welcome to Harmony, Jingles, Mittens & Tiger! hope you can solve your problem!
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Hello Ann,

Welcome to the site. I have merged both of the threads you started and retained the replies to both. We don't allow posting of 'duplicate threads' (2 threads with the exact same message in 2 different forums). It's confusing to members.
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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It's so nice to meet you. Welcome!
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Hello and welcome!!

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Hi Ann, bless you for rescuing these kittens- they're very adorable!! I hope you can raise enough money for their fixing. Check low-cost S/N in your areas, you might find one. I hope you can fix and keep them for good. Good luck, and welcome to TCS.
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Thanks. I have called around, and searched the web for weeks, and the cheapest we can find in our area is $85 for the females, and $65 for the male. I found several places that offered cheaper, but unfortunately none were close enough for us to drive there. A few people have offered some great ideas on things we can make to sell, so hopefully we will be able to make enough to help with some of the cost.
Thanks for your kindness.
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Hi Ann ! Welcome to TCS! Bravo to you for rescuing & loving those sweet fur-babies. Have faith- you will find a way. When Love leads the way- a way there will be! Do you have Animal shelters in your area? I know that sometimes they get grants for a program that helps eligible people with reduced-cost spay/neuter. That might be worth a try. Whenever you speak to a vet: if you haven't already, explain what you're trying to do, & ask if they might have a special reduced-fee Spay/neuter day (many do, though the timing might not be right for you situation); Also- ask if they take payments: 2 vets in my tiny area are willing to take several checks, dated a wk apart, & will deposit 1 a week. An extended-family garage sale,as mentioned before, can raise much more than you can imagine! Sending warm thoughts & prayers your way!
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Thanks, thats one thing we do have is a lot of love. We have been selling a few cat magnets, and I just made some catnip hearts, so hopefully they will sell too. Little by little, we will get there. We are also hoping to have a garage sale, as soon as the weather gets nice. It is only 7 degree's today!
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Is there an animal birth control clinic in your town? I know that here in Nashville, there's a place that only charges $20 for the males and $40 for the females and it's the Animal Birth Control Clinic.

Or maybe you can work out a payment schedule with your vet. Most vets will be willing to negotiate something like this if they know you're sincere and only trying to do what's best for the kitties. Or the other option.....which I've done with my vet before.....whenever you do have a few extra dollars....go ahead and send it to the vet to be placed in your account. Once you have enough built up in can get the kitties medical needs taken care of.

Best of luck to you.

Your babies are beautiful!
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