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adopted stray mamacat has problem! please help.

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Hello all, need some advice. I recently got two solid white cats (mom & 4-month old kitten) adopted out. I have been feeding these cats in school and they have been friendly. Mom cat would let me pet her, but when she reaches her threshold she kinda gets nasty. Kitten is ok. Anyway, when I trapped them and temporarily put them in my friend's place, mamacat got distressed and started hissing, spitting and growling at her kitten, not so much with me.

The adopter is keen on their condition and is patient with them, but what kind of advice can I give her about the cats? Mamacat doesn't like to be held (maybe because it's her first time to be taken in?) and kitten is scared of her mum. I really need your advices because I'm worried about them (and the adopter too). I know it will take some time before Mamacat warms up to her, right?

Please help. Thanks very much.

PS> We don't have Feliway, etc. in our country.
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Hi, Steph!
Well, the kitten is old enough to stay away from mom so you can reassure the adopter that it's okay to keep them apart.
The mamacat is obviously very stressed and you are right, it will take her longer to adjust to a new place. Is the adopter familiar with cat behavior? A kind voice and food will always win a cat's trust. Perhaps isolating mamacat for a few days, in a room with a screen door where she can see what is happening outside, may help. Good luck!
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I can't give advice on the kitten issue but i can help with the other issue. the key is never ever let them get to the threshold, leave them wanting more, just a little petting, watch the ears and tail for subtle signs, they will try to warn you first that they have had enuf, then they will lash out if you don't get it. it's the overstimulation thing, the "emotional indigestion" issue, not having had enuf love they get confused by their feelings if they get too much all at once. build up gradually. let them be the guide. it does get better overtime with patience, and if you have to pick up keep it brief, play pickup putdown so they get to see it's ok. of course sometimes it is misplace aggression, they are upset by something else. sometimes skin sensitivity is a malnourishment issue as well as stress, some key nutrients have been missing, and they are just not feeling good. take care, hope it gets better soon, sorry i can
t help with kitten issue.
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Thanks Yayi & GlowbugM! I've been told by the adopter that they're doing well and she's still socializing with the cats. I've also told her not to rush everything, do it in Mamacat's time. Thanks again!
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I wouldn't pick up momcat at all, not till the kitten has left, and then only pick her up inches from the ground at first, release, then drop a treat. Do this for several weeks a few times a week, and then gradually increase the distance you are picking her up. Never pick her up roughly or drop her even if she growls and scratches. Make the time pleasant for her-
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