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A Suggestion Or Two

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I love this site. I feel as if I've found cousins and 'family' here. I love cats. In fact, at times, I wish I was one of mine. Here's a few suggestions:

1. Make a chat room here at the site so that when there's several of us online, we can meet and talk in there.

2. Allow a place as to where members can post a Bio of themselves and of their babies.

3. If you can generate an income with this site in some form or fasion, perhaps a Catsite cat show/meeting once a year.

4. Create a Memorial area where those of us who have lost babies can post a picture and dedication to them.

OK, just a few ideas. Also, if you ever need any video work (Commercials, videos, etc.) I can do them.

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Thanks for the feedback Chuck! I appreciate it!

As for chat - I currently can't add a chat because my server doesn't allow it. Personally, I think that a forum is a much better way to exchange ideas and learn from each other, but I can definitely see the social advantages of a chat. I'll see what I can do - perhaps I can create a permanent chat room that is not hosted on this server and link to it.

You can add your bio, including a link to your homepage in your profile. You can also add a link to your homepage or to any other page as part of your signature.

As for making money out of this site - I'm doing my best Seriously, I hope to make myself an income that will allow me to stay at home and dedicate all my time to expanding this site. I am looking into selling banner space to cat-related advertisers and I hope I'll manage to do that. I like the idea of a meeting! But I think we should wait until there are a lot more memebers. This site is just a kitten now - less than 4 months old - so we're growing fast. I'll definitely consider this when we have thousands of members and there's a chance that at least several dozens will show up for a meeting. I wouldn't mind coming myself - it will be my first visit to the US!

As for the memorial area - it's a great idea and it's on the agenda for phase 2 of the cat pages. I plan to ofer several designs to choose from for your cat page, one of which will be a memorial page. That is still in the future, as I need to start making some money first. I'm not an ASP programmer myself and I paid 1500$ to have this version of the cat pages created. Any upgrades will probably cost 500-1000$ more.

And finally, thanks so much for offering to do the videos! That is very kind of you and if I ever need any done, you'll be the first I'll ask!

Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions! I really appreciate it and I'm really glad that you like the site.

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I like the idea of a memorial site. I lost my favorite cat last March and I've been wanting to make a memorial page for him ever since.
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