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Undercover kitties!!

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I love pictures of kitties sleeping/snuggling under the blankies!

Please post your Undercover Kitties here!

Milo loves to sleep under the blankies!

And Chuckie:

None of my other kitties like to sleep undercover though!
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A-ha! it looks like a secret operational the Team Milo-Chuckie working Covered!!!
Great pic´s Diane!!!!
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Oh how nice and cosy they both look!
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They look so cute....nice pics!
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Diane -

I'm so in love with your boys!
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Awww, how cute! Wish mine were undercover cats like yours.
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awww! Great pics!!
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Aw how sweet!
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Here's Shelby snuggling under the covers with me while I was home sick for several days.

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My 4.5 month old kitten, Izzie, recently discovered the art of tunneling under covers, table clothes, or anything she can get under.
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Very cute
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That's a very cute picture of Shelby!!
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Aw sweet pics! Now we need Magoo Bum! I miss him!
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Nice pic of Shelby!
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Cola in her blankey

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Awww! Cola looks so snuggly in her blankey!! So cute!!
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Aww cola, she looks so comfy.
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Here's more of Milo under blankies!!!

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Heres Rosie

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-all such cute undercover agents! Susan, I love that one of Rosie! She always steals the show with her chattering!
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AWWW, such adorable snuggling kitties!!
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Here's Dexter Back Side.

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Well, he's undercover

The cats decided that they have to have the Christmas Tree Skirt out all year long, so we have it covering a box at the end of the bed that is "their box" that they love to lay on. Sometimes Trent decides to hide under the tree skirt...

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Here is Monte sleeping on the computer desk

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Monte is sleeping just like Milo!!

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Originally Posted by stormy
Monte is sleeping just like Milo!!

LOL they are, Milo looks so cute! This thread is adorable!
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You guys! I have to get back to work! Stop distracting me with all your cute thread ideas and adorable photos!

What? Oh, all's Eva underneath the covers. It's in my sig, but isn't it even cuter all blown up?

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This is Huckle and I...he sleeps with me like this every night.
Keep in mind in this picture I had a horrible cold, which explains the shiny Vicks covered face!!!!

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Here's Zoe REALLY under the covers! She likes to help make the bed after the sheets were washed. hehe
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You guys get some really good pictures!
Here is my nosy nose Mini, she loves getting into Mama's laundry!
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