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Lady NyghtShade has her appointment!

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Lady NyghtShade is getting fixed next Wed. I have to have her to the vet about 11:45am. I'll get her back the next day... Well, she's got a few days until we get there anyway I hate not having any of our girls for a night.

YAY!! Finally the game of phone tag is over with my vet!! She's getting fixed too!!
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Yes, Tia, it's just so difficult when our babies have to spend the night away from home. I know she will do wonderfully!
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I was fortunate enough to have both mine back the same day

I hope the day goes quickly so she can be back home
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She's at the Vet's now... Waiting for word that everything went smoothly. Her siblings were great. Pippin was a bleeder. He's fine though. UGH!!!! She'll be fine.

One less thing to worry about now!
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Thinking about you and Lady NyghtShade! Is she out of surgery yet?
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Awww NyghtShade is in my thoughts!
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I just got home from work. Word at 4:30 was that she was doing fine! Resting... She said that everything went smoothly.

THankyou guys for thinking of her. I am going to miss her tonight when we go to bed.
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We are so happy she is ok and things went smoothly for you. She will feel your spirit with her tonight. You are a wonderful mama!
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Thankyou E. I think MyRage is more her mama ... she's having a harder time. She's been running all over the house, and started calling for her a couple hours ago. I know she's coming home, but I keep expecting her to trot into the room. Poor girl, She won't be herself for a couple days. Shade should be home I hope before 11 am tomorrow.
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Glad that the op went smoothly for Shade!
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She just came home. She's off somewhere doing Shade stuff, probably eating LOL What a cutie she is.
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I bet NyghtShade is happy being back home I'm glad she is doing good
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Oh thats great that Shade is back home!

You can relax now
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I'm so glad it all went well for Shade!!!
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Good news!
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