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A Good Day at Last

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I know it is easy to post about bad days, and I have done it too, but at last I feel happy and excited for the first time in weeks. First, Persil is much better tonight and the hole in her arm is almost closed. She made no fuss at all as I dressed it, and is chasing Ellie round the room now. So I feel so much more optimistic.

Second, the house in France that I thought I had lost has suddenly come back on the market - the estate agent phoned me this evening. He will forward my offer to the vendor tomorrow and we will see what happens. I liked it so much more than any other I have seen and was so disappointed when someone beat me to it by two days! It is cat and horse heaven, so I am keeping everything crossed.

And today was the last day of teaching this semester! Now we have two weeks of free study and exams, and then a three week break, so I can relax a bit, apart from setting and marking the exams. (In Bosnia it is a two-semester year, each of 16 weeks, a long time.)

Tonight I will sleep soundly and dream sweet things.
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Things are looking up! Yay Persil, Yay Jenny, Yay house in france!
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Enjoy your time off, snuggling with Persil (and the others, of course), and dreaming of your house in France!
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Good for you Its good to here about the good days too!
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This is so wonderful, Jenny!
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Finally you are getting a break! I'm very happy for you, Persil and the rest of your gang.

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They say things come in threes Jenny!.

Looks like your turning that corner at last!
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Great news Jenny! I'm so glad the tide is turning! I'm thrilled about little Persil, and so happy for you that your dream house is again within reach!

Tres bien!

(don't know if I spelled that right...I took Spanish in high school )
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Jenny, I'm so glad to hear it!!!! Lord knows you are due some good news!
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Jenny, I'm glad things are going well for you and sweet little Persil is doing so much better. I've been following your thread in the health and nutrition forum but not posting.
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oh Jenny - I am so very HAPPY for you and to see this post from you. Yes, you have shouldered quite a load of late. And that little Persil is better must be so emotionally important in every part of your day.
I am very, very glad to hear from you tonight.
Upward, onward?!?__!
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Hey, that's great!
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I'm so happy for you, Percil and your other kitties!
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Yes, things are looking up. I am exhausted from setting, supervising and marking exams, but I can put up with anything now that Persil is really getting better. The vet was so pleased on Monday to see the abscess clean and the hole much smaller.

I have put in an offer on the house, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. The estate agenet thinks it is over-priced, and my offer reflects the real market value, so we will see how greedy the owner is.
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Good for you Jenny,, on account of the house and sweet little Persil,, I am so glad things are looking up!!!! And thankyou for reminding me to pay more attention to the good days!!!
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