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Paws and Reflect

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Does anyone go to the Paws and Reflect section? It's a great section of the site. I like it because of the poetry. I would of thought people on here would like poetry and cat storys. Every one in my class thinks poetry is boring too. I bet I'm the only 12 year old that likes poetry. I just whish I had some one to talk about it with, even if they wern't my age.
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I love cat stories. They are my all time favorite! Especially the ones with happy endings. I also love working with cats and kittens to help socialize them. It's very rewarding.

Poetry is cool. I think it expresses people's true feelings. I love to write stories about my experiences with cats. I'm a writer at a newspaper. I write a Pet of the Week column. It is very successful and every single one of the animals that have appeared in it have gotten homes. I love writing about them because it gives me the opportunity to go out and meet lots of people and also schmooze with animals (dogs, cats, ferrets, whatever).

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Griffin - I check out that section every day - and actually 'wrote' two little ditties there. Check them out and let me know what you think. I wish more people would post there too.....poetry and stories are neat stuff!
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