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New kitten has tape worms

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Montana, the new kitten I brought home last weekend has tape worms. I know this, because I found them squirmming on my desk and the vet on the phone ID'd them based on my description.

Earliest I can get her into the vet is Monday at 3 pm. Unfortnately, Dakota has now been exposed, so I'm assuming I'm going to have to treat her as well.

My question is this, is there anything I can do to keep Montana from depositing these things all over my apartment(short of restricting her to the bathroom)? How long can these things live outside of a host animal?
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Nope, get Dakota flea treated, clean your litter pan and scrub it down. Your cat needs droncit in order to get rid of the host worm.

Those segments can move around your carpet and home and deposit eggs. Those eggs are what fleas eat, that is why if your cat has fleas, it also has tapes. the sooner you get your pet treated safely the better. In the meantime, flea treat your pet and safely flea treat your house.
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I actually just cleaned up the litter box a couple days ago, but I'll do it again.

I was checking the adoption sheet the shelter gave me when I brought Montana home. It says that she was treated with Revolution. However, her treatment was back in November. And the period of time between then and when I brought her home, she was in quarantine for a fungus on her tail. I'm assuming it is still quite possible for her to get fleas still?
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Please check my reply in this thread here to your post there-

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