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Antrax scare

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What is this anthrax thing going on all over USA ?? There was an incident here in Austin, too ! Pretty scary
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Right now just in Florida. A building that houses several newspaper offices had one employee die from pulmonary anthrax and they found the dust on the keyboard of a computer. There is also a late report that the librarian from the same building has also been contaminated but not come down ill. There was another gentleman who also came down ill but he is recovering slowly. they have determined that the strain is not a natural strain of anthrax but one made in a lab. There was also a blurb about a love letter from a fan to Jennifer Lopez that was delivered that contained a powdery bluish/white substance. The letter had been delivered the day before the 11th of September. They are looking into this as a possible test to see if the anthrax would be able to be effective this way. but it is early and it is still speculation.
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Do you think that we should get prepared for it ?? I don't know how but ?? We can buy some masks maybe ?? But you can't walk around with a mask on your face !

We have decided not to eat outside from this day on (for some time at least).

I have a phobia of microbes (for 2 years now) !!

Just being paranoid I guess
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I understand your fear, I too am scared of this....but we can't let the fear of it control us. We can't let our fear get out of hand, that is what they want.
I hope the anthrax scare is that...a scare. But if it is real, and it happens, then it happens. We can't go around wearing masks and feeling fearful all the time.

I too am scared.
But I just have to take one day at a time, and feel assurred that if I do die, I am ready to meet God, I think that is all the preparation we really need.
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. . . that you can't get Anthrax from being around another infected person, it seems to require some kind of physical contact to transmit it. It can live in soil for years. There is a vaccination for it, but right now only the military has access to it.

What are they symptoms? I mean, how would I know if I got infected?
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Anthrax is pretty much like a bad case of the flu. It can be treated with antibiotics. I was talking to a doctor friend of us last night and he reaffirmed what I already new - recovery rates of people treated on time with antibiotics are 100%. Elderly people, small children and people with compromised immune systems are a different story and don't have a 100% recovery rate, but most can be cured.

Anthrax is not contagious between people. You need to be in contact with the original contaminator to get sick. It's true that a small amount is enough. The most famous case of anthrax breakout was in Sverdlovsk in cold war USSR. There was a large lab there studying biological warfare and they were also studying anthrax. One day, someone dropped a tube with 2 grams of anthrax spores. A little bit of that got outside through the ventilation system and managed to travel with the wind to the nearby town. The Soviet authorities hushed up the incident and didn't give the people any preventive care and didn't provide the right antibiotics. Almost 80 people died of anthrax within the next few days.

Obviously things are a bit different in the States... Proper care will be given immidiately and authorities are on the alert for any signs of anthrax. All in all, it's really surprising that 2 people had died in Florida. I understand that one of them was more than 70 years old. I don't know about the other one.

I agree with Debby, you should carry on living your life the way you did before. Gas masks are good for a specific attack when you know that your place had been bombed and you fear a chemical or biological agent may have been involved. It's not something that you can use just in case.
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I think hearing all these other stories on TV are more scary than the two people in Florida. I heard (once) yesterday on CNN that a man in Utah had symptoms and he had visited the office of the newspaper the man who died worked. It just seems strange that no one had this until after the attacks on September 11th. In my area in Florida, there has been scares of strange substances which the police find out is body powder or some other harmless substance.

I agree with Debby, whatever happens is mostly out of our control but we should just live one day at a time without all these fears.

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CNN recently reported that this type of Anthrax was man-made in a lab; in or around the year 1958.
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Good information is the best protection against fear, in my book. If you know what you're looking for, you can make plans and take appropriate measures. So if I start to feel yucky or if my daughter complains of flu-like symptoms, I'll make a point of getting to the doctor rather than waiting a day or two to see what happens. But I'm not going to walk around thinking about it all the time, that's just paralyzing for me.

I'd rather have the police and health officials be a little paranoid about stuff like that. I far prefer they test powdery stuff and find out it's makeup than to have them assume it's makeup when it's actually something dangerous. My tax dollars pay them to be paranoid so I don't have to be.
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After the man in Florida died from Antrax, there has been numerous reports of people receiving envelopes or packages in the mail wiht white powder. They thought it was the Antrax powder but authorities say its a false alarm. Is there a vaccination from Antrax? I would like me and my children to be protected and if their is not I think the scientist should be working on a vaccine. If Antrax is a deadly disease, then why isn't there much research, vaccines, and advise like they do to AIDS, HIV, and other deadly diseases. Before the tragedy, I never even knew about Antrax.
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Nena, there is a vaccine for Anthrax, but unfortunately it is only available for the military.
I do know that antibiotics can help if you've been exposed, I think if you are concerned you should talk to your physician. We did our own research on the internet and now that I am informed I feel a little more relaxed.
You can check out the website by the US gov't on chemical/biological weapons. Just use your search engine, there is a LOT of info out there. happy surfing!!
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They have been calling the death of the guy foul play. I cannot believe someone would deliberately spread this nasty virus! I hope they can find the person responsible for infecting 3 people! I just hope no one else tests positive!
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2 more people from the same place have tested positive. They also found traces on the guy's keyboard.

This does not sound good.
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Actually, it was only two people. The man in Virginia was found NOT to have the Anthrax.
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Before anyone gets too confused - I have merged the two anthrax threads. Thought it's best to keep all this info in one place.

Here are some links about anthrax and the vaccine:
http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dbmd/disea.../anthrax_g.htm (official and quite good!)


http://www.aomc.org/ComDiseases/Anthrax.html (a good FAQ)

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yesterday a 35 year old woman from the same place tested positive.

that's 3 from florida
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Yes, I just heard about the 3rd person this morning. They were all in the American Media building in Florida.
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All over the news, now, we are hearing about buildings being evacuated for fear of a foreign substance. Even if the terrorists never strike again, the seed has been planted and they can just sit back and watch as our nation goes into a panic. It is best to err on the side of caution, but sometimes I think that FEAR can be our next terrorist.
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It's like Pres. Bush said last night....... they want us to be afraid & not go on about our daily business.
These anthrax outbreaks are getting scarier...... Now it says on MSNBC that part of the NY Times Office is in quarantine for a suspicious package!
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.......and now an NBC employee in NYC has tested positive for Anthrax - THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!
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makes you not want to open the mail, that's for sure.
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Yeah, and I'm the lucky person who gets to sort and open the mail for the company I work for here in Houston!
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get this and I quote:

"Meanwhile, a senior state department official tells CNN that a Department of Defense team, on a routine search of Soviet-era scientific research facilities in Kazakhstan, found evidence of anthrax at the facility. Some members of the team who might have been exposed to anthrax are being treated with medication. The search is part of an on-going program to help reduce the threat of weapons of mass destruction in regions of the former Soviet Union.

In Englewood, Colorado, four postal workers were
taken to Swedish Medical Center after being exposed to powder that fell from a package at the Parker Post Office, 20 miles south of Denver, a hospital spokeswoman said. The workers entered the
hospital's emergency room, where they were being
tested for possible exposure to anthrax, the spokeswoman said. As a precaution, the hospital and the post office were sealed at 10:25 a.m. (12:25 p.m. EDT), she added.

In New York, Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced at a joint news conference with NBC executives that The New York Times also had received a suspicious envelope, and that investigators were testing its powdery contents. "

Wow wee and I was going to pick up my mail today -
I think I'll wait.
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and are downplaying this to prevent major widespread panic.

In another incident, a white powder bomb was activated in a bank in Florida on Thursday, spokesman Richard Boucher said during a news briefing. Several customers became ill and were rushed to the hospital then released. He said the FBI and CDC hazardous materials squads had been called. Another State Department official said the area had been secured and an evacuation had been performed.
In New York, Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced at a joint news conference with NBC executives that The New York Times also had received a suspicious envelope, and that investigators were testing its powdery contents.

Barry Mawn, head of the New York office of the FBI, said investigators had no evidence the anthrax infection was related to the September 11 terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center towers.

"We see no connection whatsoever to 9-11. The way we will handle this is to open it as a separate matter and proceed from there," he said.

The NBC employee, a woman, is in good condition and expected to recover, NBC executives said. Giuliani said she had a low-grade fever and a bad rash.

The woman, who was not identified beyond her affiliation with "Nightly News" anchored by Tom Brokaw, received an envelope September 25 containing a white powder that tested negative for anthrax. She later tested positive -- the results just became known Friday -- but has been taking antibiotics since October 1.

"She is in good health and good care," Lack told a news conference.

Giuliani said, "We don't have any additional numbers of people reporting symptoms. The chances that this is contained are very good."

The employee was put on an antibiotic regimen as a prophylaxis on October 1, Giuliani said. The positive results became known Friday morning.

"All employees who may have been exposed will be tested," Giuliani said. "And some of those people will be given antibiotics."

Investigators will conduct environmental tests on several areas of the NBC building, he said.

Giuliani said the city was reacting to the incident with "an excess of caution." "Everybody wants to go to the extra lengths to make sure there are no problems," he said.

Police closed 43rd Street between Eighth Avenue and Broadway -- in the heart of the usually congested theater district where the Times building is located -- to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

NBC's Wright said the employee received a letter with a suspicious powder and reported it to authorities. The powder, he said, tested negative for anthrax.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the FBI, and the New York City Health Department are investigating.

In Washington, an administration official told CNN that President Bush was informed of the latest anthrax case before leaving for an appearance at a March of Dimes event.

A government source told CNN the source of the bacteria was "undetermined" and that state and local public health officials have been in contact with federal health and law enforcement authorities.

Cutaneous anthrax is not as serious as inhalation anthrax, which brings bacteria spores directly into the lungs.

Executives said NBC had tightened security and was in the process of setting up an information center for employees. ABC and CBS officials told CNN they had received no anthrax threats. However, CBS has closed off its mailroom at its New York headquarters, according to CBS spokeswoman Sandy Genelius, who added, "We are no longer taking in any new mail."
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As you probably all have heard by now, another person within the media has contracted the anthrax, but this was found on her skin. (It's, kind of strange that this has appeared in individuals that are associated within the media) If some of you haven't heard the news, the Senator of Tennessee who happens to be a doctor stated that the military are not the only people that are going to assisted in the event of an anthrax case arises. The government has over two million ready made vaccines/antidotes/whatever available and will make more if the need arose. He also said that it was his belief that this is definitely the work of a terrorist. As far as a terrorist act...I have no idea, we have had some of the weirdest people in our own Country do the most insane and hurtful things. I wouldn't discount the fact that it is one of our own citizens taking advantage of the situation at hand. I know that sounds terrible, but we all have seen the unimaginable.

By the way, the Center for Disease Control said it was possible the NBC employee was contaminated by something other than the envelope. NBC News reported that the envelope also contained a ''threatening'' letter.

They didn't report as to what the letter said...at least not yet anyway...

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This one in Reno Nevada now......yikes!
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On local news here, they are saying that one of these anthrax envelopes originated and was postmarked in St. Petersburg, FL.

Man, this state just can't get out of the news since the damn presidential election.

First, we're training terrorist pilots and now this.
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It's a terrorist attack whether it's one PO'ed Caucasian-American mad at the media or if it's associated with the Sept 11 attacks. At any rate, I've not heard of any incidences oher than the two (in Fla. and at NBC) so I was shocked when I came to this thrad and read of more incidences. Have these others been confirmed?

The man who died in Florida was in his 60's. He was near-sighted and had to bring the letter close to his face to read it, from what I understand.

I have a question: Is Anthrax like, say, Chicken Pox in that you gain a degree of immunity if you get over an infection, or can you be infected again and again?
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Good question...I haven't read but one article on it it was quite informative and mentioned something to that affect...however; there was so much symantics...to be quite honest, it was difficult to follow at best.


Considering this has a spore surrounding the bacteria and the bacteria lives for months, I would think that without a continued vaccine, one could get be infected again.

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This is what I know. Anthrax is not contagious unless you come up against the spores, if it gets in through a skin lesion, it is the less severe strain of the disease. The inhaled type is the most severe and deadly. The bomb in the bank, a hoax- it was talcum powder, the report in Reno, tested negative. The NBC strain is not a hoax, the letter was addressed to Tom Brokaw and opened by his aide. NBC has shut down the building- Rosie O Donnell stopped production on her show for a week, Drew Barrymore left SNL where they were taping and went home. The florida strain not a hoax either. The symptoms mimic the flu, but the lungs become infected with the spores and that is the problem.
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