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My Kitten Is Crazy!!!

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I have a new kitten . She is about 5 months old. I've had her about 3 months. From the moment she came to live with me she has been crazy. She's into everything and constantly bites and scratches me. I can't even pet her without her trying to hurt me. My arms and legs are covered it bite marks and scratches. She has plenty of toys, and she uses them often, but she never seems to calm down. I love her, but I don't know if I can handle her anymore. I don't know what to do. Is there a way I can get her to calm down? Does anyone have any advice for how we can live together in peace? Thank you.
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My first thought is she needs a playmate to help offload some of that energy...is it not possible for you to own 2 cats?? She may think of your time with her as "play".

I haven't personally used this product...but many people say Feliway helps to calm cats. You can find it usually in PetSmarts. I would also check back as there are many cat owners who frequent these boards who could provide you with advice.

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Are you teasing her with your hands?. I did this with Rosie and she would always bite and scratch but i never did with Sophie and i've only been scratched on the odd occasion if i've been dangling a toy in front of her.
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Kittens have lots of energy. The best thing is toys for them to play with and another cat to play with. Get a cat tree, for her to climb up and down on, and play with her with feather wands instead of your hands . there are also cat balls to throw and mice for them to play with. Don't worry she will calm down one day.
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We play constantly. She has jingle balls she abolutely loves to play with. I have a sock on a sting that I use to play with her, and she loves that too. She never seems to get tired of them. She wakes up about 4 in the morning and imediately starts playing with her toys. She crawls on me and starts trying to claw and bite my face and neck. She sleeps a little in the afternoon but not much. It just seems like she is contatntly on the go. I wish I could get another kitten but my family doesn't want another one at the moment. I am also a little afraid of what she will do to it if we decided to get one.
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Have you had her spayed? That may slow her down a tad.

Kittens, though, get on the train and ride it...they get these bizarre bursts of energy - and they are big enough bursts to light NYC up for a time - and run around and leap and play and get rough. It's their nature...

Try the kitty condo idea suggested above, and also, realize that right now she's likely teething. Everything - and I mean everything - will go in her mouth...her poor gums are sore and it feels better to chew.

Simon has only recently stopped chewing everything, and he's just 7 months. But he got through it, and so did I. Your girl will calm down...but it will take some time. It would be easier if you got another wee fuzzbutt, but if that's impossible, realize you're it, and she needs the interaction for her well being. If you do see your way clear to get her a mate, there are steps you can take which will make the introductions less traumatic, and if you do it early, it does indeed go much easier.

Good luck with her...and you just hang in there. She will calm down...eventually.

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Hi, as someone else said, and they are right! get the kitten a play mate, we had 1 kitten, and he was nuts!! so we got 2 more LOL, now its perfect, as they all play with each other, and they come to me when they want some attention.
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I would like to thank everyone for all of their sugesstions. They have been really helpful. I am still trying to convince the rest of my family that she needs a playmate. Hopefully they will come around. Until then I have gotten Fluffy some new toys. Dabird is her absolute favorite. She carries it around everywhere. She has only had it for a couple of weeks and almost all the feathers are gone. This is now her primary toy. She doesn't seem to care about her other toys. She's happy and it seems to keep her occupied. She still loves to try to bite and claw, but we are progressing slowly. If you are intersted in seeing a picture of Fluffy. There is one posted in the New Cats on the Block forum.My screen name is MissKitty4088.

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