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Digestive problem

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Two of my kitties throw up often like once or twice a day. Not everyday but several times a week. I can't pinpoint a obvious cause since it can be wet, canned or dry food. Consequently they have had many different foods, different flavors, no one seem to agree with them. They'd eat and it'd come up minutes later, or sometime later. I tried smaller amounts, warming up the food, they still do it. Nothing I can see in what they bring up (like foreign objects)
They seem OK otherwise, they drink well, play & look happy and lustrous,
One of them is pretty gaseous (she's the one that gets sick the least) so it seems like somethings wrong with their gastric tract.
So back to the vet they go. I'm thinking of worms; they were dewormed a month ago but they might have come back; also I thought of asking the vet to check for a blockage or abnormality? I'm asking that b/c I mentioned it to the vet and he said "it is most likely diet" but I want to find out for sure since it can be so many things. Thank-you!
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Could be IBD. Inflammatory Bowel Disease varies and symptoms and severity. For example, my cat, Bella, has constant malabsorption and diarrhea...her case is severe. My parents cat, Maria, vomits on occasion. Sometimes she will vomit several times a day for almost a week. Other times she will go weeks between any vomiting at all. Maria's case is not severe enough to take any agressive action such as medication. She is still very healthy. She tends to do a little better on a hairball management diet. My parents have tried many, many different foods and nothing seems to really make a big difference. You could try giving them Slippery Elm just before meals to help their digestive systems move things along. Make sure to take them to the vet though....it could be something else. Your vet will make the proper diagnosis once he or she sees you kitties.
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