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CatLovers ;) You'll love this .mpeg  

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Hey there :pinky:

I received this from my boyfriend and I don't remember when I saw something so cute in my life! I shared it with Billie, Debby, Loretta, and a host of others here on the site. I think we all admitted to hitting replay at least four times... Since I don't have all of your email addresses I thought if you'ld like to see it, you can download it and keep it for yourselves to watch from time to time and also share with your friends. Trust me, it's hilarious....so darn cute too!

Here's the URL..
also, after you pull up the page, scroll down to the green kitty eyes on the page and the file is right under that. Click right on your mouse and then click on "save as" it'll do the rest for ya...the file will download. It'll take about four or five minutes; but, it's worth the wait! ENJOY!! ...

Love ya's...
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You're right. It is cute!!
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I have seen it before in a slighltly longer version, here is a link to view the longer version. But it is a 1.68MB file so if you have a slow connection it may take a while to download.VIDEO
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:laughing: :laughing2 That is cute!! Billie forwarded it to me yesterday, but it's still funnier each time I watch it!!
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Well I have to admit I watched it at least six times and I giggled liek mad every time. It's just soooo funny
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