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Does anyone color their own hair?

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I have been wanting to try coloring my own hair. I am chicken. Does anyone do this? Should I get a friend to come over and do the back? Has anyone tried the L'oreal Colour Experte (hi-lights and color)
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Pffftt yes do i! and i do it myself as well.

I am naturally dark brown but obviously theres the "odd" grey one there

I havent done the one you've mentioned though?.

I take it the highlights have to be done after the colour?.

If your nervous Chris i'd get someone to do it for you just so you can watch them for the next time?!.

Aww what a pity i didn't live near to you?!, i'd be over to put it on no problem!
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LOL, I don't know you really think you should trust Susan to do your hair?????????????

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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
LOL, I don't know you really think you should trust Susan to do your hair?????????????

seriously though - I dont colour my hair anymore. I started to go grey round about 23 ish and finally gave up colouring it about 10 years ago!
A girl at work used that L'oreal high light colour. (if its the one you colour then 'paint' in the streaks) and it looks fab! Shes done it twice now, both times the brunetty one - still looks good.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
LOL, I don't know you really think you should trust Susan to do your hair?????????????

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Dont worry Chris... It's not that bad.. Section your hair off with clips so you can get the roots... I eventually just pour the dye on my head like it's shampoo and lather it LoL... but my hair is long and curly and a pain in the @$$... if you're worried, ask someone to do it for you... I've always done it myself and I've never had a problem... as a matter of fact, I just dyed it 2 nights ago... Just a little tip... rub some shampoo along your hair line around your face and on the back of your neck and ears so that the dye doesnt leak onto your skin and stain... if it does it usually washes away but after a day or so... and you dont want that! and buy real gloves... the ones that come with the dye are cheap and you'll end up with dye all over your hands!! oh yeah and put a towel on the floor! LoL
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Originally Posted by rosiemac

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Chris....I do my own. I usually use the Clairol Natural Instincts which is one of those semi-permanent (Level 2) that lasts for a couple of months and washes away gradually. My hair is so dark, that when I use permanent color, the peroxide in it tends to lighten my hair a little so that it begins to look red when the color starts to fade.

I love the Natural Instincts and have never had a bad result. It makes my hair feel nice and silky and it looks very shiny afterward. I usually use Hazelnut or Tweed. I've also used the Cinnaberry to get some auburn highlights and that one looks good too.

It's easy to do yourself.....I'd say go for it. Just remember that if you are always tends to look darker than what you expected. So if you are dark brown naturally.......I would use a medium or light brown to get the right color. If your hair has a reddish tint to it.....use an "ash brown" to counteract the red. If your hair is more a drab brown.....use a "warm" color to add a little red to brighten it up some.

(I used to be a hairstylist in my other life)
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I do color my own as well.. but as at the moment I'm purple :P I'm sure you don't want my help, lol!

Seriously though, it's not that hard. Also if you've shoulder lenth hair, one bottle is enough, but if it's LONG you will need 2
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I've done it before, three words of wisdom. Don't do permanent color, don't change the color dramatically (except cover grey) and watch the walls in the bathroom - I always had a tendancy to "fling" and re-decorate the bathroom.
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nother thought. Should you decide to color your hair regularly, you may want to go to a beauty supply store and get a professional grade dye. You'd need to buy the developer as well as the color and blend them together either in a bottle or in a dyebowl. It's less expensive in the long run, and the color quality is better.
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I color mine and I use L'oreal Colour Experte. Its not hard. For the first time do it with a friend just til your comfortable doing the color yourself.
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God colors mine. =-)

Seriously, when I want highlights, I just go out in the sun in the Summertime. The sun bleaches these awesomely beautiful blonde highlights in my auburn hair.

In the wintertime, my hair returns to it's darker auburn at the roots and goes a bit darker at the ends, the blondes turn to reds again.

I did color my hair around Halloween -- to make it browner -- I used this Loreal semi-permanent wash-out stuff. Forget the name but it was supposed to be natural. I needed it browner so I could dress up as Dorothy, and Dorothy does not have blonde highlights. I did alright with the coloring job; aside from the fact my hair is a long curly mess and I destroyed part of my poor bathroom.
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I've been doing it for years, nothing to it as long as you remember some basic tips - the first time at least I would go for something close close to your natural colour, and most hair colours come out redder than natural. The ones that don't usually have 'ash' in the colour name. I swear by Nice'n Easy light ash brown which actually gives me a natural looking mid brown. I keep an old towel just for hair dyeing, as you always spill some and you can't see it till it develops and then it's too late. Don't wear anything you have to take off over your head and certainly nothing you care about. Put a towel down on the carpet too, if you have one. However careful you are there will be drips. Don't leave it on too long and start as instructed, at the front and roots. It is really not difficult. Good luck.
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I've been coloring my own hair for years. Its not difficult at all. If you do get any splatters, clean them with warm water right away unless its on your rug. Fabric absorbs the dye.

Before you start, apply a thin layer of a moisturer around your forehead, ears, etc. This will stop the skin from absorbing the dye. Do not get any into your hair. I also sprinkle a little powder into the gloves. It makes putting them on a little easier.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever


Susan you would not want to touch my hair. My hair stylist hates to give me highlights. I forgot to mention that it's baby fine and I end up with polka dots on my head even when she does it.
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Maybe what I really need to do is try to not color and highlight, but just highlight. Here's the L'oreal site. Some of those colors are so cool.
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I like the Ash blonde!. My next door neighbour always gets that one and it comes out lovely!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I like the Ash blonde!. My next door neighbour always gets that one and it comes out lovely!
I love that one too. I tried it for about a year, but upkeep was enormous. It was because the highlights would fade so fast. I also realized that I don't have cool tones in my hair, it was naturally red-blonde, so it looked pretty bad after awhile. I really wanted the ash blonde! darn! so instead of fighting my birth color I just learned to go with what I had and now it does look ten times better with much less maintenance because it fades to natural.

So the only real tip I would give is don't fight what you've got naturally, learn to work with it and enhance it, not change what you were born with---- and----use a paintbrush instead of your fingers. Use a semi-firm flat edged paint brush like an artist would have (in the oil paint section) and buy a sable brush. This will allow the dye to be smooshed into the roots much more efficiently as your fingers sometimes won't get the little tiny places close to the hairlines, behind your ears, and on your temples in a really professional way.
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You guys are really tempting me. I've had the haircoloring in my cart more than once and put it back. I'm sort of med/light brown. If you go to the sight I and click on Brioche but my natural color is probably closer to the Almond Rocca but that color seems so mousy. I've got a business trip next month and I know what will happen I will try this and turn my hair green with blonde polka dots. Thanks for your advice - I appreciate it. I just might live on the "wild side" and try it. Winter does funny things to people when they are bored.
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I constantly colored or highlighted my hair in my teens, 20s, and 30s. Now that I'm in my 40s, I no longer do it, and my reasoning is probably a bit weird. My hair went from orange (talk about a natural redhead!), to strawberry blond,(ginger to the Brits), to dirty blond, to auburn, to brown. I have very little gray, which drives my sister, who went from completely black to almost fully gray at age 30, absolutely batty. Most of my friends color their hair now. I figure my hair is going to go through a few more curious color changes, and I don't want to miss them, so I'm now "going natural". I am contemplating coloring my eyebrows - they're gray, which looks strange with my hair color. My mom's cousin is 83, and always liked gray hair. She started out as a dirty blonde, as did my grandmother, and their hair turned very dark brown, almost black, as they aged. I'm curious to see whether that's going to happen to me.
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The last 2 times I have colored my hair I have used the Loreal Couleur Experte kit.
I love it!
You can add as much or as little of the highlights as you want.
It's really easy, and hard to screw it up.
Try it!
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I've been various shades of red or blonde, for the past 30 years. Somewhere under there is dark ash blonde, with gray at the temples.

I use L'Oreal Excellence Creme - it doesn't drip and has a built-in comb applicator. If you're concerned about skin staining, a thin film of petroleum jelly, applied around the hairline and on top of your ears, will stop this.

For clothing protection, I have a plastic hairdresser's cape and wear a ratty old black T-shirt. To really get the color into my gray areas, I use a coloring brush and then comb the dye through. The cape and brush were about $2 each, at Sally Beauty Supply.
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Originally Posted by captiva
..... I've got a business trip next month and I know what will happen I will try this and turn my hair green with blonde polka dots.
Sure. Go ahead. Book that business trip! Blonde polka dots never hurt a bottom line.
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I've dyed my hair by my self many times without any problems. I have long hair thats really dark brown/all most black. I had help highlighting my hair though (which I will never do again). After the highlights I ended up looking like a skunk. I've had to dye my hair for the last 2 years just to hide the highlighting disaster.
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Good luck with dying your hair if you decide to go through with it! I know it won't really be a problem if you have fine hair but I have long thick hair and when I used to dye it, I needed help because I had sooo much to dye!

That being said I haven't died my hair in about 3 years... I kinda miss it but I don't miss needing to touch up every X amount of weeks because my roots were showing through. Although I do miss having reddish streaks in my hair... sigh!
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I used to dye my own or have my mom do it but my best friend is a hairdresser so I just call her over when I want her to dye/cut my hair since im so special she takes me to the "hairdresser only store" to get my stuff and off we go!! Its so nice to get good shampoo/conditioner etc at hairdresser prices lol Im 22 and dtarting to go grey already so I put some streaks in to camo it
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Thanks for giving me the guts to go ahead and do this everyone! I do like it!

Thank you!
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I don't colour my own hair, Mum does it for me. I've only had it dyed three times though. I got it dyed the week after christmas and I've already got ALOT of regrowth. Grrr! Ohwell.
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