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Boad magic request for sick sasha :(

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hello im requesting some board magic for my hamster, sasha today we checked on her and we have found out she is very sick from catching a cold from me or my mother (because we are both very sick right now) well when i checked on her i found out she had not been eating or drinking, and she is terribly thin (i can feel her bones), she has draining eyes. so me and my mom are now trying to make her better by having warm rice in a sock in her cage and a hot bottle of water on the side of her cage where she sleeps...we also gave her some homemade pedialyte and she pearked up alot because when we found her she wouldnt move and then after we gave her that she started moving we also gave her some fresh carrot and apple and she ate that too.we cleaned off her eyes so she could see, but she is very weak and we dont know if she is going to make it. so this is why we are requesting board magic, we need all the help we can get, we dont have money to take her to the vet , sorry for long post.
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Poor Sasha! Hamsters are such fragile little creatures. Sending healing vibes her way.Hope she gets better real soon.
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thank you, i thought i would post a couple pics of her:
these i took about 3 weeks ago-

poor little sasha my littlest fur baby is all sick i just wish that she would get better
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Aww i hope Sasha feels better soon Is there no where who could help you out with regards to vet fees?
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awwwwww Sasha

sending (((((healing vibes))))) to Sasha - please keep us updated on Sashas progress
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I'm sorry We all feel so helpless when our babies are sick. Hope Sasha gets better.
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Ahhh Im sorry Honey.............I'm sending all the good vibes I can for you.....let us know how she's doing............
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'GET WELL SASHA' vibes coming your way - she looks a sweetie
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Aw, poor little Sasha! Get well soon sweetie!
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thank you all for your posts and "goodvibes" but i dont think they are going to work this time she is a strong little one who is trying to hold on, but it is getting harder and harder for her to breathe, and she will not walk now again, or cant she usually responds to my voice and she had no big responce but it seems like she is too weak to hold on. we gave her some more of the homemade pedialyte. but it didnt seem to do much this time.we prayed for her for god to have a place for her with our other past away pets, bunny-kenji and spanky our kitty. i also told her if she feels like she is to weak to hold on and wants to pass its ok, and if she feels strong enough and wants to try to go on i will be here to help her ....i am going to go check on her again after i get some rest, and i will fill you guys in on whats going on.
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Aw, I'm sorry Sasha is so sick. Still sending vibes for her and you...
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OzzyK --oh dear! We are sending you healing and strong vibes, SUPER HEALING!! vibes from me and my big, strong, gentle Sasha to your little Sasha. We are so hoping for the best. Get well fast Sasha!!!
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Sending good vibes and super good wishes for Sasha!!! Get well soon!!!
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How is Sasha? Cute pics of her!!
Still sending healing vibes her way.
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, Sasha!
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Sending some good vibes for Sasha, I hope she feels better.
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Sending lots of good vibes for Sasha! I hope she pulls through - and I hope you and your mom feel better soon too.

I don't know where you live, but maybe there's something you have that you can sell in order to raise the money to get Sasha to the vet? You might also want to try giving several vets a call to see if they have a payment plan available. Our vet recently introduced such a program, and many people that couldn't afford to see the vet before can now because they're able to make small payments over several months.

Sending lots of healing vibes no matter what happens!
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little sasha didnt make it sorry i couldnt get on sooner we had our cable modem shut off so we had to set up a dial up isp.....Thanks for all the vibes,thoughts and prayers it means so much!!!
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I am so sorry to hear you lost little Sasha
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It is so sad your little baby didnt make it, but i wanted to post this to tell you how glad I was to hear you were trying to replace her electrolytes with a pedialyte like fluid. That was so important and thoughtful for you to osrry she didnt make it.
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