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Happy and sad

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Before going off for the weekend, I like to share a story with you.
Because one of my best friend knows I love cats and I always talk about them, she has been converted. She adopted a stray that visits her home. She's a bit ignorant about cats but she likes this stray who is friendly but also scared of people .I told her to get it a litterbox and have him neutered. I will go with her to the vet and lend her one of my carriers. This is the good part of the story.
Now I heard that her son shot another stray. From her description it was the head tomcat in the area. He happened to enter their house, sprayed and used my friend's favorite indoor plant as a litterbox. Apparently my friend got mad and shouted so her son got a gun and used it. Fortunately, it got away. They don't know if it got hit but it hasn't returned.
When I heard this story, I swallowed hard, waited until my temper cooled and explained to her the tomcat was just doing what comes natural. He wasn't an evil thing out to destroy her home. Then gave her tips (which I learned here) to discourage more stray trespassers. My question to you - do you think her family is a good one for a cat? The only pets they owned were birds. Thank you, I really need some advice.
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They shot at a cat?

I wouldn't let them look after a rock, never mind a pet. Just my opinion.
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Yayi..that really is a difficult one to answer...if she adopts this stray she may come to appreciate cats...on the other hand....I am very concerned about her son's shooting at another cat. That's a real toughy.

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I know I'm British and shocked at the ease with which people talk casually about guns, but how old is her son? Should he be near a gun at all?
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Jenny, I had exactly the same reaction. Thanks God we have laws which try to prevent people having such easy access to guns. Long may it continue.

I couldn't let a cat go there either. If he can try to kill an animal so casually for something as trivial as a drop of pee, what does he do when he really gets mad?
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
I know I'm British and shocked at the ease with which people talk casually about guns, but how old is her son? Should he be near a gun at all?
He's in his mid-twenties.
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Hi Yayi,

Yikes, was that a real gun??? I would think twice letting her keep a cat, or any other animal for that matter!!
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I agree.
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Oh Yayi, I agree too. Anyone that picks up a gun so quickly to shoot at a cat in my mind should NEVER be around any kind of animal..........and his mother is the one that told him to go get the gun, so in my mind, she's not much better. I'm not knocking your friend, I'm just saying that I don't think they should own pets, because there's goign to be lots of times when they do things that don't always make us happy, etc. They can't react like that. JMHO
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