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Going away for a few days

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As you lot know, my new job starts 24th Jan. I got a phone call the other day confirming this and where to park my car when I get to the office. I have to park it in a special area in a security compound. I was also told to pack for a few days!
The day i join the company, I have to goto Hampshire with my boss, hotel and everything is covered and I have a one day induction course to attend. The other three days are to be spent in meetings with data base managers... I cant wait - what a start and talk about hitting the floor running.
Problem is (always a problem right?) that the longest I have been away from Carol is overnight - now I will be away for a few days . I hate being alone at night and I wont be able to sleep that well as I dont nodd off until I have a toe to touch with my foot - so its gonna be a long week away!!!!
Have to make the best of the next week until I go with Carol...

Last time I was away overnight, when I got back, dont think we let go of each other for ten minutes and I was only flying competition.

This we knew was part of teh job and I would have to go away now and then, not the first day huh! Excellent - cant wait....
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Well, Kev, the best of luck to you
I know this helps me whenever I have to be away from Brandon, though you may feel silly doing it (you shouldn't!!!!!!)
Get Carol to sleep in one of your shirts for a couple of nights ( I usually take Brandon's, but somehow I think Carol's might be a bit small )
And also get her to spritz on some of whatever she wears (perfume)...

Take that shirt with you and wear it at night
While Carol may not be there its as close as you can get!
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Well, I think it would be better to bring a mini recorder with a tape of Carol. You can listen to her until you fall asleep.
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Can you call her before you go to sleep at night? I had to go away a couple of times last year for my old job, and my fiance and I talked on the phone for a few minutes every night right before bed. Once we were even able to find the same thing on t.v. and we watched t.v. "together" for a little bit before saying goodnight.
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Good suggestions!

Good luck, Kev. You'll get through it.
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you know, the more I have sat and thought about this, the more I have to agree that I am completely hopeless. I mean I bet you are sat reading this and agreeing with me. After 11 years in march we have been together - married 9 then, the only time we have been apart overnight that has not been by choice is when I have had to have surgery or the other year when I flew at the British Nationals. Just overnight and thats it. I guess I am okay when I am away from her, but without her, its like I will loose part of me. Moreso, not having both her and Christopher in the morning and evening is gonna be hard on me down there. We both have mobiles and are constantly in touch during the day - mine has a camera, so will have to take some piccies of them to take with me.
I apologise for being pathetic. I will be taking something with her perfume on that she likes - some stuff by the body shop called white musk. I like that stuff and maybe on a night, if I can smell that - then I will drift off.
I just hate being away from her and Chris and now feel a real thickie for feeling this way. Guess we are too close huh as hubby and wife.??
off to drive into town and collect her from the office - its foul weather and blowing a bit too much..
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Originally Posted by kev
you know, the more I have sat and thought about this, the more I have to agree that I am completely hopeless... I apologise for being pathetic...
If you have to be hopless and pathetic about something? Missing your wife and son is a great reason.
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That is SO NOT pathetic and hopeless. I think it's incredibly sweet. I hope my guy feels that way about me after we've been married 9 years!
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kev - that is just sweet! John and I have never been apart, except for 1 night he had to stay with his mother (when his dad was in the hospital) and once for 3 nights when he was in the hospital. Both time I couldn't sleep. I fully understand where you are coming from. Make sure you have pictures to put on your bedside table so you can drift off looking at your family!
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