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Warning: May cause uncontrollable laughter! LoL

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I just took these pictures... I was about to clean up the mess when I realized what a funny picture this would be to post... I didn't think the pictures would be this funny tho!!!

"MOM!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE?!?" ::censor::censor::censor::

"Eww... That's disgusting!"
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Oh, thank goodness you took pictures, then cleaned!!!! That is soooo funny!!! If that happened in MY house--it would probably be just before company went to use the bathroom ! I especially like the 1st picture - what timing! Thanks again for the laughs !
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Is it like half of the contents gone?
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That is too funny!

Kionu used to do that every morning. I'd wake up and he's sleeping in a pile of panty liners! He takes them out of the box 1 by 1 and makes a little nest. He's tried it with tampons, but they're a bit uncomfortable to nest in.
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At first i thought they were socks!
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Funny pictures!
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OMG, that's hilarious! I was going to suggest sending it to "Caption This," but no captions could be better than yours!
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That was just too funny!!! You made my friday morning even better!!!
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Oh Liza!, Malakai is soo mischief!!!! obey your mommie little one .....
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Liza,,,,isnt he a little handful,,,LOL!!!
He is just too cute to be mad at,,,,That is SOOO funny,, thanks a bunch for posting it!!!
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OMG! That was a well needed laugh! Thanks for making my afternoon!
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So funny!
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That is too durn cute!!
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Ok I just laughed so loud I woke up my husband! Those are hysterical!!
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Ha ha, that's great! And your captions are just perfectly fitting for the looks on his face!
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Those are great! Kittens can be such little stinkers! Mine have gotten into the tampons before too. I happened to catch one of them running down the hall with a tampon in their mouth like it was a prize catch or something!
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LOL! Great pictures!!!! Just about as bad as Emmett racing through the house with a wrapped up tampon!
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Oh my goodness lol that did cause alot of laughter hehe
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