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my cat doesn't do anything!

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okay - I'm trying to get my cat Nerdles to do something that's other than sleeping and eating. That's literally all she does. She doesn't even really respond to a catnip toy. None of my cats are really that playful, but she's the worst at it I'm afraid she's really bored and unhappy - but she never seems it (I just think if I were her, I would be). Any suggestions for a lazy/non-playful kitty?
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Not all cats like catnip - I think I heard something like one third of cats don't react to it at all.

I think it depends on what they're interested in. Most of my cats have liked a thing called a Kitty Teaser, but Blackie doesn't. Sparky likes crinkly foil balls and things with bells - I think part of the reason he likes plastic bags is the noise so those are kind of the same. Blackie likes those real fur mice. I never see him play with them, but I eventually find them in pieces around the house (the brown plastic base looks like a cat poop). Original Sparky, Blackie's brother who went to live with another family, liked soft toys the size of a roll of socks that he could really wrestle around with, preferably the fleecy ones. Patches, who also went to live with a friend when she bought a house, didn't play with anything but she liked to hunt and brought us presents quite often. She liked watching birds so we got her one of those platforms that attaches to the window sill. They're all different.
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Sunshine is the same way. She is very laid back, hardly anything at all can make her frisky. I've seen her take off and sprint up the stairs a few times, and I've seen her play with her kittens a few times, but in general she just lays around all day long.
I think it all has to do with the kitty's personality. She is just relaxed, and no matter what I try to entice her with, nothing works. When she wants to play she will, but I can't force her!!!!!!
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My boy is always in the mood to play - but that dosen't mean he wants to do the samething every
day. Sometime he just looks at me no matter what I try - however I have found out that homemade
toys like tying a feather to a rubber string, or
a ball made of silver foil, or a box big enough for him to hurl himself into work the best. My girl is alot more suttle she is happy chasing this
velcro ring I have other stuff are of no interest - go figure. Sometimes my boy plays much
to hard (he is an 18 month old Bengal) and I need to give him a 10 minute time out in the large walk in closet of my Bedroom. As dtolle said it all depends on you kitties personality.
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Sometimes lethargy can indicate an underlying health condition. You might want to look into that.

Or maybe that is just the way Nerdles is.
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I actually have 2 of these!! The one is only 4 and I swear he has been like this from the time he was a kitten. He will go through little spurts of wanting to play and of course we all have to laugh at him. My other girl is only 2 but she play a little more. I always watch them close and take note of any changes just incase there is a problem.
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yeah - that's a good idea to take notice to different activities. Well, a shipment of toys is on the way so maybe some of them will get her playing again, and if it is her personality, I know Nothin' will be happy!
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whoa! turns out she DOES like catnip after all! she's going after this ball filled with catnip pellets now - and hasn't stopped for a reeeally long time! (yay!)
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