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Make a Member Feel Good=1/13/2004

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The envelope please...a hush falls over the crowd! (ripping open the envelope)...and the winner is JCAT! !

I can think of no one more deserving of this award than Tricia. Not only is she a fair and open minded Mod, but she brings to her posts an unbelivable amount of knowledge on any topic. Sometimes I have to wonder...Did the Library of Congress relocate to Tricia's home? Tricia has keen eye in seeing behind every story...especially in IMO. Of course I agree with her about 99.9% of the time but that truly did not color my vote!!!

I'm sure everyone here has wished they had a teacher like Trica in their lives, one who shares knowledge and opens minds to think for themselves.

On top of all that, she is warm and caring. When she comments that "you are in my thoughts" I believe she truly does, she just dosen't just say it because it is an expected remark.

Of course your love of your JamieCat is truly can tell you are such a proud mom!

So my friend, enjoy YOUR day as much as I did, and thanks again to all those who posted on my behalf.
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Did the Library of Congress relocate to Tricia's home? Possible. Very very possible. How big is her house?

Congratulations! I enjoy watching your words whiz around in the IMO forum. You know what you know and how you know it. And that's cool. Plus, if I need a German translator, I know where to find one! And you love kids. Three good reasons that explain my admiration.
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Tricia, I enjoy everyone one of your posts! You are a wonderful level headed lady, and who knows maybe one day I'll take on that offer of adoption into your household.

Of course you also have a beautiful kitty!
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Tricia, I can't say I knowyou well - that would be lying - but yours is certainly a name that so many of us recognise straight off and associate with cool, calm and collected advice, comforting words and downright common sense! If anyone did anything stupid, I think you'd be the first to step in and say so and tell it to them straight... level-headed straight talking queen of cool!
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Tricia, you are an amazing person. Your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher and TCS is priviledged to have you as one of the moderators! Always looking forward to your posts!
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I don't think we have had the pleaser as yet but it's really nice to meet you hope to catch you around soon from all that has been said by the people above me you sound like a wounderful careing person I look forward to getting to know you
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Oh yet another good choice!

Tricia along with a lot of the other members you certainly give some brilliant views in your posts, especially in IMO, but at the same time you can always be there for someone in need of help or advice
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Tricia=insightful posts, warm support, and friendly advice.
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Tricia! What can we all say about you but we love you and the Cat Site wouldn't be the same without you here!!
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Hi Tricia, Awwwww I love that you´re the person of the Day!!!! thank you so much for your patience and your good advices, you´re so nice!!!! you always are watching who´s birthday of the day and always you remain us to congrat at the person about it.... Thank you so much Tricia
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Bumpity, Bump, Bump, Bump!
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I agree with everything that has been said, Tricia! I am a fellow educator, and we all deserve praise and recognition. I hope that you have a great weekend.
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JCat, I wish you had been MY teacher
I love reading all that you have to say, I always learn new things from you, and I can see in everything you say what a wonderful caring person you are!
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Thank you so much - would you believe I missed this thread? I wouldn't have caught up with it if Brandon hadn't have sent me a PM! This really did cheer me up!
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I didnt see this but I had to say something - you are a wonderful individual and I love reading your posts!!!!
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