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How strong is a cat's head?

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QT was in an extremely playful mood. She was running all over the place. I was coming from the outside and she was running turning from a corner. Her head hit the bone of my lower leg. On impact, she grunted and then walked away shaking her head and maybe sort of stunned. Do you think she hurt herself? Right now she's still being silly.
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BTW, if my lower leg turns black and blue, would that be a sign that I should have QT checked?
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I'm sure her skull is as ours would be. Even though there's bone, if hit in a sensitive spot, it's gonna hurt. I wonder if she is thinking you hurt her and don't understand why.

Try giving her some extra love and attention and then let it go. Then keep an eye on her to see if she starts acting herself again.
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I wouldn't worry, but like Cheryle said just keep an eye on her.

Rosie and Sophie have bumped into me many times when they've been playing chase and they'll give their head a quick shake or a sneeze but be ok after it.
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My old cat Winnie once banged her head really hard on the kitchen wall while she was charging about playing a game. It didn't seem to bother her - there were no cuts or lumps and she just carried on with her game. But the wall had a piece of plaster knocked out of it!

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I don't have any professional opinion... but I do know that I saw my kitten SLAM into our glass coffee table several times before she realized it WAS glass and she seemed stunned but fine.
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Also, not professional here. When Sierra was a baby she ran at full force head on into the open dishwasher. She was ok and continued playing, but I was horrified and immediately phoned the Vet who all but laughed at me and said she was probably fine, to just keep an eye on her. She was...If you have any doubts at all, though, you will of course want to take QT in to be examined by her Vet!
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When we were raising kittens, I always swore that they were all going to be brain damaged from running into things while they were playing and roughhousing with each other, as far as I know, none of them ever were.
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Gibby perpetually is running head first into things.. linoleum and fuzzy feet not do good friends make.

He seems to just shake it off.
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