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Virtual friends

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You know how text messaging is so popular nowadays? Well, the other day a friend told me about this texting for a boyfriend or girlfriend game? It works this way, you press a combination of numbers then type "textboyfriend/girlfriend" send it, and then you'll receive a list of names with their respective cell numbers. You select one. The purpose is that you develop a close friendship with the name you chose only thru texting. The funny part is that they DO NOT exist. They aren't real people. Kids (maybe even older people) enjoy texting these characters. They are told they aren't real but somehow, they enjoy it to the point that they prefer them over flesh and blood and even forget that their newfound loves come from a computer program... All I can say is that it's making the cellphone companies rich and the lonely people happier. Personally, something is terribly wrong with this setup. What do you think? Would you even try it?
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lol, wow I didn't even know it existed! If your that desperate for friendship, you can go on Yahoo messenger and meet people there. True you don't know who exactly your talking to, but chances are it's a real person.

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Oh, I never heard of this! How sad!
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I remember reading about that some time last year. It's really incredible what the phone companies, etc., come up with to make more money, especially off of kids. We have one music video channel here that runs a "ticker" along the bottom of the screen, with, e.g., "Angie, 16, lonely & blond, welcomes your text message", followed by a number. It's the same racket, apparently, if the constant warnings from consumer groups are to be believed. The other trick, which some of my students have fallen for, is that some cable channels offer quizzes with cash prizes; the kids call a toll number (which is noted as such in very fine print), get put on hold, hang up, call again, and end up with a $50 charge to that number. One cable channel just lost its broadcasting license because of this, since no prizes were paid out.
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Never heard of it but it sounds really out there.
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Sounds like people are taking fantasy to the extreme. Being in control of the 'relationship' may feel good, but it doesn't help in 'real' life relationships. What's even scarier is those who think up these schemes!
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