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Hoshi is acting very...strange

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My cat, Hoshi has starting acting weird when we go to lay down. The first signs of this was just her laying on my chest (if I'm lying on my back) and meowing (like she wanted me to pet her). Last night she was lying on my chest and meowing but then I'd just say "what ya want" (what I always say when they meow like she was doing) and she got up in my face really close and kept meowing (this kind of scared me) because even when I'd sit up it seemed as if she kept going for my face. I was afraid that she might try to scratch me or bite. I have no idea why she's acting this way, but any insight would be grateful.
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Not strange. My Joji does it all the time. She likes to rub her face against me. HOWEVER, my cousin's cat did that and scratched her. Although I suspect it happened because my cousin blew on her cat's face. Cats don't like that. So I don't know. If you feel uncomfortable by all means push Hoshi away gently. She won't be offended.
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That's what I do is just gently push her away and then no time flat she's trying to get back in my face. I don't get it. Even when I sit up she tries to. I was thinking cats do face rubs with each other as a sign of affection..but Idk if their face rubs involves a little scream lol.
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Nedicks always rubs her face on mine--sometimes she gives me a good old bash in the nose with the top of her head. Ouchie! But she does it out of love...
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