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anyone know what this means?

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I keep worrying because Kinsey (female 3yrs old, spayed, otherwise healthy and acts fine) eats a lot and is really skinny. The vet kept saying oh she's fine, but I was just worried so I had her blood tested--I thought maybe thyroid problems. Her thyroid was fine, but there were a few tests that came out borderline abnormal. So I had her retested two weeks later and her CK enzyme count doubled and her calcium level raised more as well. My vet said he wanted to research a little and consult with the other vet in the practice and that he may want to speak with a specialist. He said that enzyme could indicate a tumor or inflammation of some sort. Until he calls back, I can't find a whole lot on the web and don't really trust what I find there anyway, so is there anyone that knows what this could mean? I don't want to freak out, but I really need to know more about this. Thanks! Lauren
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Increased CK can indicate damage to the heart muscles. Increases in calsim can be a result of certain types of cancer. As your cat is quite young, cancer is probably not high on the list of differentials. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is relatively common is cats. I would follow up with your vet and maybe request a referal to a specialist.
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the vet said he wanted to recheck her for FIV and feline leukemia even though she's indoor only and if those come back negative then he said we should start looking for cancer. does this sound about right? He didn't say anything about heart problems. this vet consulted with the other vet at the clinic and then with the pathologist at the lab. I think they would count as a second opinion, but should I still consult someone else? and will my vet give me the lab results if I want to ask someone else, is that normal? please advise if you have anything to add. I really need some advice here cause I'm a little freaked out.
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also, say she does have cancer, what might the treatment options/prognosis be. I have no idea, so any info would help. Thanks!! lauren
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Testing her for FeLv and FIV is definately a good idea and not too expensive. I would ask your vet about the increased CK and see what he says. It sounds like he is being very thorough by following up with the pathologist. I would trust him.
If you want a second opinion you are definately entiltled to one and your vet shouldn't object. He could fax your records and test results for you.
As far as treatment goes- it really depends on what you are dealing with. Different cancers have differents treatments and prognosis.
I hope everything turns out well, keep me posted.
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I'm not a vet or vet tech but it could end up just being a virus or infection. Thats what happened with my cat several times. All her tests came back abnormal and she was not feeling well at all. The first time she was only 18 months old and her vet thought she had leukemia, AIDS or cancer. Luckily it ended up just being a virus. The next time her bloodwork showed signs of leukemia and AIDS again. That time she was even sicker. Princess was hardly eating and seemed to be in alot of pain. Again it ended up only being an infection.

It does sound like your kitty is being well taken care of and I hope it ends up just being something minor. Please keep us posted.
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I wouldn't be too concerned about the CK. It is an enzyme found in muscle tissue and without doing isoenzymes you can't tell if it is from heart muscle or skeletal muscle. But with weight loss, you would expect it to be elevated because her body is breaking down muscle tissue to live on. So finding out what the cause of the weight loss is will deal with that. It sounds like your vet is doing his very best by her and isn't too proud to ask for help. I would stick with him. If her bloodwork stays abnormal you can expect her to need xrays and perhaps ultrasounds to try to diagnose what the problem is. Until you know what is wrong, no one can tell you what to expect. I would feed her a high calorie kitten food for now. I found the highest calorie canned food to be Chicken Soup kitten food. It has over 300 calories a can. Becky
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Just curious here...

Did he do the bloodwork in house, or was it send to a certified lab?

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He sent the blood to a lab. Her tests came back negative for leukemia and FIV. We have an appointment with a specialist on Thursday so hopefully he can figure out what's wrong with her. I think they'll be doing ultrasounds and other tests. Does anyone have a ballpark figure of what I can expect to pay? It doesn't really matter, I just want to be prepared. Thanks.
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Ultrasounds here cost about $300, but on an email list I am on I have heard from $50 for a pregnancy ultrasound to about $350. The specialist will probably have a higher office fee and if they are anything like MDs, they charge extra for it being a consultation. Becky
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Lauren, I too have a skinny big-eater. She is so slight there feels like there's no cat there when I pick her up, yet she eats the same as Milly (who is round and solid!). She is now six and a half, & shows no signs of being ill in any way, and is also an indoor cat. I haven't had a lot of tests done, but have asked the vet about her on many occasions. They just said, 'it's just the way she is'. So now I try not to worry about it, maybe yours is the same, like some people who eat and eat but are always skinny (don't they make you sick?!). Your vet sounds very thorough, at least if there is a problem, sounds as though they will find it, but there may be nothing wrong with her, I hope that is so.

Re: cancer in cats. I don't know much about it, but a neighbour's cat had cancer for years and lived to be a reasonably old lady. She had various treatments, including surgery. Your vet will be able to tell you more I'm sure.

Good luck,

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