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Gezer's ordeal OR Things are not always as they seem

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Well, things are better now, but we've had a bit of a scare with our little Gezer...

Two days ago Gezer (our 2.5 years old neutered cream tabby male) managed to get outside. He is an indoors only cat (with an outside cat enclosure he can get to and from). We weren't too worried at first, because he knows the area and we live in a rural area with hardly any traffic. He has done this before and always returned withing a coupld of hours.

This time it took him more than 24 hours to return which got us quite worried. But there he was back home so we were happy. He seemed very tired and acted strangely. We then noticed that he has no apetite and doesn't eat or use his litter box. Other than that he seemed fine, just kind of tired. He wasn't dehydrated so we gave him the night to see if he gets better. The next day he was no better. We opened a can of wet food which usually he can't resist and he didn't even move! Now we were worried and called the vet. Yesterday was a holiday but we asked for an emergency visit and the vet came to the clinic to meet us.

We were baffled at the symptoms. He was not dehydrated and has no fever. I was afraid of some viral thing (FeLV or such) or some serious liver or kidney problems and I was ready to pay a lot of money for blood works. Luckily, our vet is a good detective He felt the cat all over and quickly discovered that the cat was constipated. A rectal examination (which the cat hated!) and an internal massage helped relive Gezer within minutes. But we still didn't know what caused this and it didn't explain the cat's strange behavior. So the vet kept looking.

Well, here's what a thougrogh exam revealed - Gezer's paws were hurt quite badly. He had lost several claws and had infections in all his little fingers! Because the claws were retracted we couldn't see it, but as soon as the vet checked the feet, we could see that things were very wrong! Instead of claws he had raw and infected toes... The vet figured he was chased up a tree or something and skidded and hurt all his paws. Then it must have been too painful for him to use the litter box so he avoided it and became contipated. He was in pain and didn't even want to walk over to get his food. Poor little baby!

The vet cleaned his wounds and disinfected them and gave him a shot of antibiotics. Tonight we'll start a course of oral antibiotics as well.

He was feeling much better as soon as we got back from the vet, probably because he defecated quite a lot and was relieved. He even agreed to eat some pastrami! Today he had some canned food, though not a lot. He is still not feeling his best but it looks like he's getting better.

Poor little baby! We will be more careful in the future not to let him out. He's a clumsy cat and not much of a jumper or a climber. His sister Mishmish goes outside from time to time but she is very agile and get along much better.

Just thought I'd share the story. I was very impressed with the vet. He really took the time to solve the mystery and it wasn't even that expensive because there were not tests involved. We only paid for an off hours visit which is not too bad.
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WOW, first off I am glad he came home. I had to take my brothers cat to the vet for that very same thing. Only difference was that he wasn't neutered and was out fighting. They had to go in and remove the claw completley. I am very happy to hear he is feeling better and on the mend.
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Oh my! What a story. I'm so glad your vet was so thorough in his examination of Gezer. I'll bet Gezer doesn't try to get back outside any time soon!
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Geez, I'm jealous...
I wish our vet took the time to go over our cats that way. I took Isis in twice because i was worried about her tummy. I was feeling hard rock like things after her first visit (for her shot update, and they checked her about this then too) so they rechecked her and just told me that it was fatty deposits and there was nothing to worry about. But I have never heard of something like that have you?
So here I sit, wondering and watching. She is meowing alot now(something she RARELY does) and I am thinking about taking her BACK and having them look at her AGAIN but I feel like I am wasting my money there. Unfortunately there are NO better vets then them in our area, so i am stuck there unless I want to make a 45 minute trip and try to go into the city of Davenport and look for a vet there.
Anne, does your vet make house calls?LOL! do you think he'd be willing to come to Clinton, Iowa and look at all my cats? doubtful, I know but just a hope? LOL!
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OH Jugen,

Go to Davenport and look for a second opinion!!!

I don't mean to scare you, but I think you really ought to check this out.

Two of my friends just had to put their cats to sleep because of a mass in their bodies. Don't go with the first opinion,.....It is too important. Just for your peace of mind and to ensure your kitty's health. It may be nothing. But you want to be sure.

That is my humble opinion.
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I'm sure he'll be happy to make a house call for free if you pay for his travel fare It shouldn't be more than 1500-2000$

I agree with Val, make an appointment with the vet at Davenport and get a second opinion.
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The problem is which vet to go to? there are a few there and I am not sure which one I will be happy with.
She seems fine and is eating well so I am not sure what I should do...
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That's a good question. I would call the different vets and tell them about the problem and ask them what they would do to give you a second opinion. Listen to the tone as well as the content and see which vet you feel most comfortable with.
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See!? That's why I love coming here! Everyone is so darn helpful! I think Monday am I am going to call around and see what is what...
Thanks everyone, and Anne, I didn't mean to take the spotlight off you at all, but you were really wonderful and tell your vet, if he is that good with cats, i just MAY pay for his plane ticket over here, one way of course then I'd ahve him all to myself! LOL!:tounge2:
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No problem

I will be taking Gezer for a check up today. He is doing a lot better. Walking about and eating well again. He hates his medication (it's an orange flavored syrup - yuk!) but he's taking it 3 times a day. Yesterday, he actuaclly jumped on the counter for the first time this week - I never thought we'd be so happy to see him do that Until now his paws were too sore, so I guess they're improving. I think that at least one of the paws still has an infection but he's senstitive there so I decided to leave it to the vet to check today. I'll let you know what the vet said, and Barb, I'll ask him what he charges for a house call in the US
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We're back from the vet and sure enough he's a lot better (the cat that is ). His paws are healing very well and the missing claws are growing back fine (though still tiny).
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DArn it. did ya ask what it'd cost for a house call?! LOL!:tounge2:
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Gezer was back at the vet today. He hasn't eaten anything since yesterday and looked a bit down so we took him in for a check-up. His feet are much better - almost totally healed, but a blood count showed a very high level of white blood cells (42 whereas the norm is 7-18), so he is fighting some internal infection, the vet is not sure which. He was given a shot of antibiotics and we need to take him there for another shot tomorow.

My poor little baby, he looks so sorry... I hope I'll have a happier update soon.
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Poor baby.....so sad.
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I am so sorry. Hope Gezer gets well soon.
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He seems to be doing better. The fever is down and he looks a lot better (more active and has more apetite). He is on as new course of antibiotics until the end of the week. I hope he manges to get rid of whatever infection he's fighting!
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Anne - what a saga for poor little Gezer. Please give him a kitty hug and kiss from me!
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How is Gezer?
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He's doing better with the antibiotics, but I wonder what will happen when he's finished with it. He's not extremely lively and looks unhappy, though he's in no way lethargic and he does eat. I think he's depressed but I don't know what to do about it. He gets a lot of petting and loving (not interested in playing) and we're just trying to let the medicine work and let him heal himself. If he doesn't get back to normal soon, we'll ask the vet to run some more tests.
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Gezer is still not doing well, actually a bit worse - he threw up twice today...

So we went to see the vet again and did a blood analysis which showed nothing wrong. The vet took some blood to test for FeLV, FIV and FIP and we should have the results tomorow evening. Of the three FeLV is the main suspect because of his very high white cell count. I really hope that's not it though - it's quite infectious and I can't see how we can cope with isolating him in our small house...

Our poor baby is so listless and almost doesn't eat at all (he threw up mainly water...). He's lost a lot of weight and just sits on the kitchen cupboards and looks sorry for himself
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OOh poor Gezer

Anne, you are in my heart, as is Gezer
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Anne, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Gezer!!!!

Barb, do you know of any friends that can recommend you to a good vet?
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Anne - I am also sorry that your Geezer has taken a turn for the worse. You are in my thoughts.
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Ok, we just got the test results. He tested negative for both FeLV and FIV which is good but positive for the FIP.

This only means he's been exposed to the corona virus that can possibly cause FIP, it doesn't mean that he actually developed FIP. We're going to start him on supportive care tomorow and see how he does within a week. Then we're going to test again. I actually think he's feeling better today. He has thrown up twice more last night and early this morning, but he has also gained his apetite and has eaten twice today without throwing up again. I am really happy because it means he's getting some nutrients back.

I don't want to get my hopes too high as we've had so many ups and downs with him these past two weeks. Still, I can't help thinking that if he wants to eat he must be doing a little bit better.
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Anne - I agree! I think that is a good sign for little Geezer
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Oh ANNE!I am so sorry! I am praying for your little geezer.

I hope everything turns out for the best.
I took isis to another vet and he said that she has fatty dpeosits too. so I am all better!
Please anne, keep us posted on him!!!!!!!!!
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He's on antibiotics (we take him to the vet for his daily shot). He is eating but still throws up at least once a day. We were looking into all sorts of other possibilities like pancreatitis, toxoplasmosis and hemobartonella, but so far there is no final diagnosis.

He seems to be feeling better, walks around the house and comes over to our bed to be petted (something he hasn't done in the past few weeks). I'm pretty sure he doesn't suffer, so for now we're waiting to see how things go. We're not sure it's FIP, it could be a combinations of infections or something else. We'll do another titer for the coronavirus in a week and see if the results are any different. Maybe that would give us a clue about whether or not it's FIP.
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How's Geezer doing Anne?
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We just came back from the vet. He's still getting antibiotics and seems a lot better. He's eating (throwing up only very little) and playing. He even caught a month last night - we were so happy ! Strangely enough, the blood test we did yesterday still shows a very high level of white blood cells. That means he's still fighting whatever it is. It still could very well be FIP - no way to know for sure really.

We're going to stop the antibiotics now and see how he does. We're praying and hoping that it's not FIP, but some internal infection that will go away.
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