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Cat Movies and other assorted cat stuff

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Hey all! Have you heard about the movie coming out this summer called "Cats And Dogs"? Its a storry about the war between cats and dogs and is a comedy where the actors expressions are computer generated to make them talk, etc. It looks like it's going to be hilarious! I can't wait.

Also, have any of you had a kitty-scare? I'll explain: One night I saw Socrates playing with something on the floor. I mean, he was doing somersaults. I thought it was a piece of paper til' I saw it move and upon investigation saw that it was a kitty-injured wasp. Well, Socrates gets stung, I call the emergency vet (It was already 1 am) and they tell me that its only 1 in a hundred that proves fatal if the cats air passages swell they can suffocate. Well, 1 in a hundred wasn't too bad, but I know my luck. So, I kept checking on him. He went to lie on the bed because I kept bugging him to make sure he was ok on the couch. Well, after not seeing him for about half an hour I started going into the bedroom and turning on the light, touching him, checking his breathing, checking his mouth and asking him if he was OK. You should have seen the way he kept looking at me "Oh, WHAT?! You keep bugging me! I'm trying to sleep here!". Well, I went to bed before I usually do so I could be with him, but then I couldn't sleep because I was afraid I'd wake up with a dead cat. I dozed and everytime I awoke I checked on him. He was getting so annoyed with me. Well, about 4 am I finally passed out, scared I'd have a dead cat in bed with me. So, what was the first thing I saw upon waking? Socrates was STANDING on top of me, on my chest, "Look, you kept waking me up so I figured I'd wake your lazy ass up to feed me". He was just fine. But, there's nothing like those moments of over reaction on the part of us inferior humans is there?
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I hadn't heard about the Movie yet (I don't watch much TV)but, it sounds like it'll be a good one from what you say.
I've had many kitty scares but, it's too late to go into detail right now. I'll have to post one tomorrow.
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Nope, I haven't heard of this movie either.

My great cat scare was when Mishmish disappeared one afternoon. We had no idea where she went, how she got out or when. We simply couldn't find her anywhere in the apartment. After searching in every nook and crany and even going outside the building, we got a phones call from one of the neighbors. Apparently our young lady has climbed several floors and went into an open door of one of the apartments. Luckily, she was wearing a collar and a name tag with our phone number, so they finally decided to call us. That was pretty scary! I thought we lost her forever!
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I haven't heard of the movie either...but it sounds good...

My worst cat scare was when Merlin got outside, he was only 4 months old, and the snow was piled up about 3 feet deep everywhere, and it was about 20 below zero with the wind chill factor, and I looked all over with my flashlight...couldn't find him, had to go to work, finally broke down in tears around lunchtime, and didn't care what my boss would think, I had to go home to look for him...I was so terrified that I would never see his furry little face again!! I even thought to myself, "If I can find you, I will never complain again if you bite or scratch me too hard"

Well, I went rushing home, and yes...I did find him (thank god) and I loved him up for a very long time.(and got him warm)
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I tell you, this really at the time seemed like something you would see on tv. We were in bed watching tv one night. It was time for the normal go to the bathroom and shut the tv off routine. Our Sammy ALWAYS has to go to the bathroom with you. This one night, my husband sat up and Sammy didnt perk up to follow. So he did the old...Sammy..lets go...he didnt wake up, so my husband shook him...he still just layed there...my hubby got freaked and jumped out of bed...he told me to shake him...so I got a little nervous. We went back and fourth for a bit until I decided I had better see....so THANK GOD..I shook him a few more times and picked him up...he woke up. This was SO unusual for a cat...it scared the poo out of both if us. I guess he had too much cat nip and passed out or something. I finally got my heart out of my head!!!!
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