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Adoption and spaying

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I'm looking to adopt a new kitty to keep Shinobi company. And I found this adorable 7 month old girl online and I'm going to meet her on friday. The only issue is she isn't spayed yet. The foster group she's with has been planning to do it but I guess it got posponed. They say she's very outgoing and is good with other cats (we'll see when I meet her).

But if I decide to bring her home would it be better for me to wait until after she's been spayed and finished recovering from it or should I pick her up from the vet right after she's been spayed and bring her home to a cozy place in my apartment? (I'd bring her home friday and spay her at my vets if they'll let me, but I don't know that they will).

I don't really know what the adoption group has planned, but if there is anything up for discussion I want to make sure I do the best thing possible for her. Thoughts?
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I personally think that if the society you are adopting from won't let you have her spayed with your own vet AFTER you adopt her, then letting her recover in a nice quiet room at your house would be the best option. Especially if she is now housed in a shelter-type setting with lots of other cats.
I have seen lots of cats get sick post spaying just due to the extra stress. She may get a little URI anyways, but in your home, she will get better faster.
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6 of one, half a dozen of the other IMO. The foster group may be able to negotiate a better price for her spay than you can get at your vet, but they may also be willing to accept a written certification from your vet that the spay had been performed.

My question is why was it postponed? Was she ill or were they other issues that prevented it? These are questions you should ask. If she was ill, then find out what she was sick with and what treatments were given. Find out if she is fully recovered or if the possibility of futher treatments will be needed.

Best of luck,

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Yep, I agree with Gaye, and I would ask those questions as well. Find out why she wasn't spayed in a timely manner? Was it a matter of the group not being able to cover the cost? Was the kitten pregnant? That can happen, or is there a health issue that stopped the spay?
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Well in Pittsburgh Spay and Neuter are free if you get a voucher from city government so money is no object. She's living in a foster situation with I think 3 other kittens from her litter and possibly a few more cats. I don't know exactly how many this woman is fostering right now but I think it's at least 6 total.

I was just concerned that having been spayed and then moving to an unfamiliar environment might be too stressful for her, I didn't even think about health issues. Gosh you people are so smart! I will see what I can work out with them. I kindof get the impression that her foster mom would be glad to get her into a home so hopefully they will just let me have my vet handle it.

I will most definetly ask about her health history and everything tomorrow night and find out why they waited so long to spay her. Thanks for the advice!
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