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Some new pics of my sweetie

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Follow this link to have a look at some pics of Tigerlily. some of the pics came out a little dark I am afraid.
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Oh she's just beautifull!!!! I love the "attack mode" pictures....:laughing:
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A beautiful little fur ball.
i like the one where she is looking for the mouse!
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Those pictures are so good. She is such a cute and photogenic kitty. I like the album you put them in and the descriptions.
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Thank you all !!!

She is the best. I love her so much. My hubby wants to get another one as he loves her so much, and in the beggining I had to beg to be able to get a kitten in the first place. I wonder if he will be like that when the baby comes. LOL as he insists only 1 baby. :laughing2

Here is another pic someone send me via e-mail that I thought was tooo cute for words.

Cute Cat
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Hi Spike! It's good to see you! What a gorgeous little one you have there! :angel2:

I love the one where she's looking for the mouse :laughing2...actually, I love them all.

That other picture was hilarious! :laughing2:laughing2 How much longer until your delivery date?

I've missed ya!

Love & Peace

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Well only 12 weeks to go, due on the 7th January so Xmas is going to be fun. I am on my last 3 days at work, so soon I will have lots of time to get online at home and relax. I am so looking forward to that. Standing and teaching classes for 7 hours a day is starting to take its toll on me.

How are you doing? I have not read any posts for ages so I feel like I have totally lost touch with all of you.
:daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy::daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy:
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When I was pregnant, Sterling (who we don't have any longer) spent all his time laying on my belly too. I wonder why they do that? Must be toasty warm . . .
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Tigerlily is so cute! My Simon also slept on my belly while I was pregnant.
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Your cat is beautiful. But for some reason, I only got to see one. The one were she is on the couch looking at the camera. I will try to see if I can do some more.
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what a beautiful cat Tigerlily is!
My fave is the last one in the Bag series, where she's poking her head out of the bag!

Nena, there are 2 buttons at the top of the first page "previous" and "next", I almost missed them too because my screen was small and I had to scroll to see them.
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I tried it but, I only see that picture. A blue background. Two rectangle boxes with a little square box at the top. And I can't move the scroll button.
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I also got Da Baby thats all.
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Tigerlily is soooooo precious!!
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The buttons are in flash so may not work unless you have the flash player so above are all the individual pages.

It is strange how they sleep on your belly, and she purrs so loud when she is there but I guess the baby will recognise the sound when it comes out.

Anybody have any advice on preparing her for the arrival of a baby.
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Hiya Spike!
It's so good to see you and wonderful Miss Tigerlily!! Isn't she cute?
A great furry face
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I finally saw them!!!! She is sooo cute! It is making me very cat hungry. I like when she gets in the bag and when she is wanting dinner.
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