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New pictures of my sweet baby girl!

I'm such a gorgeous baby!

Here I am having lots of fun on my Birthday with my very special catnip pillow from our dear friend/my Auntie and cousins!

Our other dear friend/Auntie and Cousins sent me my favorite blankie, and I just love to knead and love all over it!

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Holding Mommy's hand!


Turn the light out, please!

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I love snuggling up with my warm cozy kitty pad!

I'm so precious!

My sweet baby girl, the love of my life!
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Aww, Sierra sure loves the catnip pillow and the kitty pad!
Love the latest photos Stephanie! Kisses and hugs to sweetest Sierra!
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You sure are a special girl, Sierra!
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Thank you for posting these...such a lovely photogenic girl she is
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She is so beautiful!!, what a very special girl
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Awww Stephanie those are a gorgeous, sweet set of pictures, in fact the best yet!

Sierra certainly loves her catnip bags, and i just love the way kitties cover their faces with their paws,awwwwwww

Thank you for putting new ones of her up
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Aw these new pics are lovely!
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Awww Sierra what a gorgeous little girl you are. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! What a beautiful girl - I love it when kitties put their paws over their face
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awwww sweet Sierra, you are simply adorable

I love all the pictures so very much Steph, thankyou so much for sharing more photos of your precious little girl we can never get enough of her
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aww how lovely
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Oh look at beautiful Sierra!! Hi Baby!!!
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Awwww. Steph....that girl gets even more beautiful every time I see her!!!! More?
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Ooh, thanks for the Sierra fix!!! She is such a darling, darling girl .
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Sierra is such a sweetheart! She looks like she's smiling in so many of those photos! I guess her mama makes sure she's a happy girl Thanks for sharing those pics of your precious girl, Steph! I can't get enough of Sierra
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Sweet Sierra ... we love your new pictures.
You are so beautiful & your Mommy loves you so much...
you are the light in her eyes sweetie pie.
Sadie, Dexter & Lei
xo xo xo
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She's just a beauty and what a good older sister!
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Great new pics Steph! Sierra is just so precious!!
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Awwww, sweet Sierra sure is a beauty! Loved the new pics Steph!!
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Thank you guys so much for enjoying my baby girl's new photos with us!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I LOVE this picture soooo much!! Such an adorable face!

Awww, Sierra you are such a sweet and precious girl!! I just love the new pictures your mommy posted of you. I especially love the one where your looking up at the camera, so sweet!! Sash and I would love to send you a big hug and kiss from us!
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how sweet she looks just like a little angel
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Those are cute pics Steph! Sierra's pink blanket matches her ears.
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Steph - do you have a thread for Serenity's pix? i looked, but couldn't find a picture thread for her.
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Sierra is such a sweet babygirl! I love looking at pictures of your babies, Steph!
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