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Awwww, Sweet Sierra! You are so beautiful!

Stephanie, I can't wait to see some new photos of Sierra, she is such a cutie!
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The picture looks great Stepanie! I agree we must have more pics of sweet, sweet Sierra!!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I have bunches, Ari! I just need to get them on the computer and resized! I think that's the thing, really, I just have so many, it's difficult to choose what to post!Thank you for wanting to see them! I better get to work!
Looks like you have an assignment.

C'mon Sierra, say "cheese"!
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Aww that is the cutest picture She is so gorgeous, i so want to see her and give her a big cuddle.You are so lucky to have such a sweet baby girl. You should have that pic in your signature because its super cute

*bug cuddles to Sweet Sierra*

Love Eva, Eviecat, Molly and Huggy Bear xxx

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She beautiful!!!!
Awww...Sweet Sierra, love her pink nose
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Sarah, Diane, Susan and Chris, thank you so much for wanting to see more pictures of my sweet baby!
She sure does have me, Ashley!What a great idea! Sweet Sierra is now her official legal name! Thank you!
Thank you, Eva, that's a wonderful idea!
She sure does have the sweetest little pink nose! I always enjoy seeing precious little Darius, too!
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My love, my life, my sweet Sierra!

So adorable!

Just hanging out!

Playing with her catnip mouse!

Where's Sierra?


I'm so precious!

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There she is!!! I love the ones with the darker background because her colors just pop ! She looks like such a cuddlebug Does she just "smile" all day, Steph?
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Awwwwwwwwww how sweet are they!!!

I love it when they curl up like that Oooooooh and look at those kissable pink paw pads!!

She certainly is a relaxed little lady Stephanie!.
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Love to play "peekaboo" with Sierra!
She's a darling!
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Sierra has such pink ears and a pink nose. She looks so sweet.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
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Awwwwww isn't that one brilliant! She's having a good old inhale of her catnip there, and just look at her paw pads!!, what could you do with those!
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Ack how cute!! Yay that you finally posted more pictures, she's just adorable! And I agree that her name should be Sweet Sierra... whenever I think of her, that's the name that pops into my head!

What a beautiful girl you have there! She's so gorgeous!
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She is so pretty Great pictures of Sierra.
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Yay! New pics of beautiful Sweet Sierra! Thanks Steph! I love the one where her little tail is over her face! Great pics!!! Aww Sierra, you're so photogenic!
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Thank you sooooo much, from both of us!You guys are so sweet!
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Awwww... she's so precious!! She always looks so happy. She certainly is a sweet baby girl!
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Lovely piccys of my sweet little niece Stephanie my friend
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Awww, Sierra you look soooo sweet and sooo beautiful!! I just love the first picture of you, that's such a beautiful side profile of you. Kisses to you Sierra!
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I just love them ALL! Sierra...you are such a sweet little princess!

Her personality really comes through in the photos.
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What a beauty, love the new pics.
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Aww She's sooo pretty... She Looks a lot like Garfield!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
My love, my life, my sweet Sierra!

Awww......Sweet Sierra!!
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Sierra and Angel could be brother and sister, they look so much alike! Except Angel doesn't have the beauty mark. Sierra looks so happy in all of the pictures and I know it's because her Meowmy loves her so much. She looks so incredibly soft and, as everyone has observed, sweet as can be.
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She is very pretty! And she looks sooooo soft!
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I can see why sweet Sierra is the love of your life. She is a beauty with the face of an angel.
Thanks for being such a great Mentor
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George wants more Sierra pics!
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Thank you so much, Lei! How wonderful of you to say!

OK, George! We'll get right on that!
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I'm waiting too!! More Sierra please.
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