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clumsy cat???

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Hi everyone i already made an appt for our vet for tomorrow afternoon but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas as to what is wrong with my cat.... she used to jump up on everything now she wont and she wobbles when she walks sometimes and trips over her own feet i thought it was a problem with her back paws but she has been doing something new lately she looks like a dog begging she will walk or dance around on her back paws and wiggle her front ones and she does this alot so i figured her back paws were ok. then i noticed when she trips its usually her front ones and lands on her face... she doesnt act in pain at all and plays and attacks her brother cat all the time . so i was wondering if anyone has ever had any experience with any of these symptoms i just wanted an idea before my vet visit...

thank you so much for any input.
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I can be wrong but it sounds like anti freeze poisoning. Did she get into anything new? I hope the vet finds out what is wrong. good luck !!
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she is a strictly indoor cat never been outside. it puzzles me because she eats fine and plays all the time...
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I have a cat who has a problem with her rear legs - she has hip dysplasia. She gets pill twice a day for it, and while she does still have a "hitch in her giddyup" she does well, eats plays, etc. The vet will hopefully be able to tell you if it is this or not.
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How old is she? Could it be a stroke?
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a stoke???? oh boy i never thought of something like that. she is about 10 months old and quite little compared to her brother. but she isnt underweight just a little kitty. oh boy i am getting nervous to bring her to the vet tomorrow now....
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At 10 months old, doubtful then that it is a stroke - they typically hit one side or the other (I have a 17 year old that has had a series of strokes over the last year). It does sound neurological to me, but wouldn't have any ideas on what would cause it. You are absolutely right in getting a vet to look at her. Sorry don't have other ideas. Good luck tomorrow!!
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Could it be related to her growth? Has she suddenly gained a lot of weight? I could be wrong. But for a while my cat was always falling all over herself. She tripped a lot and had balance issues sometimes, but they've slowly gone away. She was a little younger than your kitty at the time though.

I would take her to the vet and get her checked out. But I hope its nothing. Good luck
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It could just be clumsy kitten, but do you have houseplants?
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i am hoping she is just clumsy but am trying to prepare myself for the worst. nope no houseplants.. i got rid of them all right before we got the cats last spring.
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and strokes can happen in young kittens. It is not common, but it can happen and is usually due to genetic issues that can never quite be pinned down.

Without being there to actually see the cat and how it moves, it could be nothing, it could be clumsiness, an infection, the cat could have fallen and landed wrong, or it could be neurological. A vet is the best course of action if only to attain peace of mind. Hopefully it is just her being a goofy kitten-
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