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Prayers for Zipper Please

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Hi everyone,

Last Thursday, Zipper went to the vet to get neutered. Everything went fine, so he came home. He walked around the house for a while, but wouldn't eat or drink. The next day, he was missing. Everyone searched for him with no luck. On Saturday, Zipper came out of hiding to have a drink. He took a couple laps of water and disappeared. Again, everyone searched for him with no luck. A couple of days passed and he was found! He was hiding up in the floorboards, but something didn't look right. He meowed every time he tried to move and he looked really sick. I put some wet food up there with him to see if he would eat, he wouldn't touch the food.

We all panicked because Zipper loves food, he never turns it down! There was no way of grabbing him and coaxing him out was not an option (he is semi-feral), he is terrified of the other cats, they were picking on him after surgery. Today, Zipper came out on his own to get a drink of water. My sister grabbed him and put him into a large crate with some newspaper, food and water. He drank lots of water, but still wouldn't eat. We were starting to become extremely concerned considering Zipper was just neutered and needs to be strong and healthy to heal from the surgery.

My sister was holding Zipper and noticed that his scrotum was extremely swollen, inflamed and leaking pus/blood. She told my mom and we headed to the vet. On the way, Zipper urinated on my sisters leg and she noticed that it was darker with a redish tone in it. Zipper had blood in his urine, we freaked! We finally got to the vet and got Zipper into the examination room. His vet, Peter, took one look at his scrotum and was surprised at how inflamed it was. He examined him and asked if Zipper had been chewing/licking the area, which he was. He shook his head, as if he has never seen it that bad before.

Peter went into the operating room to get a thermometer to check Zippers temperature. He didn't have a fever, we were relieved. Then came the bad news, Zipper was severely dehydrated. You could pinch any of his skin between your fingers and it would stay in that position. We were all in shock and almost bawling.

Zipper is currently on an IV and is recieving antibiotics. If this doesn't help, he will need blood work and xrays. We are going to see him in the morning.

Please keep Zipper in your prayers and help him pull through!
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Oh, Tasha, I'm so sorry darling Zipper isn't well, how very scary for you. I am praying for him, and know he will get through this. Please keep us updated how he is feeling.
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Awww poor zipper! I'll be praying for a quick recovery for him, but thank God you took him to the vet

Keep us updated after you've been to see him.
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oh yes - so good you were able to get him to the vet - awwwww poor little fella
when yu see him next make sure you tell him that we are all thinking of him and cant wait until he is all better again

our thoughts are with Zipper and yes please keep us updated
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Sending lots of healing to Zipper....
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Poor Zipper. He is so lucky to have a family that cares so much for him and watches out for his every need. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Zipper! Get well soon!!!!
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Thanks everyone! I am so anxious to go and see Zipper, but I know that he is in good hands right now. I will update you when I see him and let him know that everyone is thinking of him.

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Sending healing vibes Zipper's way...poor guy...what a sore bottom he must have!
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Aw poor Zipper! Sending get well (((((vibes)))))))
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Oh, poor thing! Good vibes coming your way from us here.
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(((((((Get well soon, sweet Zipper)))))))
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, Zipper!
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Turns out that Zipper has to stay at the vet for another night. He is recovering nicely, but he isn't strong enough to come home yet. We will be picking him up sometime in the morning, I will post once he is home.
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Hmmm, thought I replied to this thread yesterday ....

Sending lots of good healing vibes to Zipper.
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glad to hear he is recovering nicely - I just know how happy you will be when he is home safely in your arms again!!!

still thinking of you zipper
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So pleased to hear he'll be back home soon
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We went to see Zipper today and got some bad news, he is refusing to eat. The vet has been force feeding him since yesterday. Zipper is still to weak to come home yet, but hopefully by tomorrow he will be eating on his own. Keep those prayers coming...
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I'll be praying for him!
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I'm sorry Zipper is so sick
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Poor Zipper! I'm continuing to pray for him, Tasha.
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Sending prayers for Zipper
Get well soon, sweet boy!
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Here's wishing for Zipper to perk up and begin some gobbling!
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Zipper, little buddy...feel better soon! Healing vibes coming your way!
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Eat, Zipper, eat!
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Sending lots of get well vibes for Zipper....feel better.
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hows Zipper doing Tasha?
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My mom and sister went to see Zipper at the vet today, they noticed that he has icterus (yellowing of the skin) and that he is not very responsive at all. He still won't eat and he is extremely weak. The vet didn't say anything about the icterus, but my mom looked it up on the internet and found out that it usually shows up due to internal bleeding or something is wrong with his liver.

I worry alot because Zipper was a perfectly healthy, energetic and playful cat. Since his neuter, everything went downhill. I don't want to ask this, but is it it possible that the vet made a mistake when he was neutering Zipper? I just don't know what else to think. I will be going to see Zipper for tomorrow, I pray that he doesn't have a disease or something that is going to kill him...

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Some pictures of the little angel Zipper at happier times...

Laying on the bed with his big brother Zeus...

Best Buddies...

Right after his neuter...

This makes me want to cry!

Peppurrs attitude after Zipper got home from the vet...

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Tasha, I'm so sorry to hear that Zipper still isn't doing well. I'll keep him in my thoughts, and you as well. It's really impossible to say whether the vet made a mistake or not, since an infection might have set in because Zipper "worked on" his incision. The yellowing of his skin may be due to his not eating for several days; there's a condition called "hepatic lipidosis" that can be caused by anorexia. Here's a link: http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/in...ic%2clipidosis
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More good vibes coming your way. I do hope you get better news soon.
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