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saying good-bye...for now

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Thread Starter I am moving on saturday...I am so excited..John and I will finally have an apartment of our own....and we will be rid of that parasite of a roomate Jim...the kitties will love the new place...they have huge windows, and a staight zoom from one side ofthe house to the other...(they love zooming)....but i have just realized the one down fall........John and I are still teetering on the poverty line....we still have bills for our current apartment...John thinks he will get money out of Jim...but i am leaning towards the more pessimistic side on that will probably need to go without (we have a cell phone)...and.....gasp...INTERNET
What am I to do without TCS....for possibly as long as a month....I know this is in reality petty...but I have grown accustom to comming on here and reading and writing to you all....some of you I would even concider friends............
Well dont forget me too easily while I am gone, and I will return as soon as the funds let up.........
Lets just hope time goes by fast.....
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Good luck with your move. I'm sure once you get settled in things will start to turn around for you both.
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This will be a wonderful move for you, Bridget!Please hurry back!
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The move sounds great, Bridget. I hope it goes really well, and things settle for you quickly. Hope to see you back posting real soon.
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Just an idea, but you might want to check at your local library. Most of them have internet access available to you for free. (with a time limit though )
That way maybe you can check in from time to time Good luck with the move!
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Oh, Bridget! It'll be sad without you here! I would go into withdrawal big time! I hope you are happy in your new place, though.
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Good luck Bridget! I know the move is going to be great for you all, even if you have to be away from us for a little while. We are definitely going to miss you though--how could you think we'd forget you! Sheesh! Come back to us as soon as you can. Here's to your wonderful new place!
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Oh Bridget, you will be sorely missed, but we'll all be here when you get back!
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Good luck with your move!! At least you will be away (and free) from Jim!!

Look forward to seeing you back soon with lots of photos of your new place!! I can't wait to see it!!

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Good luck moving! We'll still be here when you get back!

We'll miss you!
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Good luck with your move and hopefully you'll be able to get internet access soon too.
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Good luck with the move-I hope the place is great!! Come back soon....................
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A-ha! (Is not a cover movement of "The Crime Syndicate"???? )

Just kidding!!!... Good Luck Bridget, we miss you, quickly get back soon!!!! !!!!
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Good Luck, Bridget!! We'll miss you!
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Hurry Back!!!
We'll miss you and your beautiful kitkats!!
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Good luck with the move! Auf Wiedersehen!
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*clings* doon't leaaaaave me!

Aw Hon, I'm sorry that the move's going to be a little rough for a while! hopefully you'll be able to kick the bills out soon and get back to a comfortable living situation
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well this is probably gonna be the last time I am on till we get situated....I just wanted to say i you all.....and I will hopefully see you soon
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I just missed you I just wanted to say hey!!! My hubby and I were there too, no net It's horrible. The bright side is, even if it is hard at first, once you get your bills straightened out, and have nobody um... leaching?... of you, things get better!!!!!

I am glad you are getting a new place, how exciting. You will have some time with your babies, and I will think of you every time I post a Merri N Pippin thread

Stay safe.
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Thats horrible that you wont have the internet... or cable.. but i hope u love your new place.. and hurry back so u dont miss too much!!
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Aw...we'll miss you. Come back soon!
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I missed you sorry Good Luck hope you get things sorted really soon and I hope the kittys have fun Zooming all over there new place
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Good luck with the shift Bridget. I'm sick of moving. Hope everything goes well!

Missing you already!
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