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Missy's Update

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Gosh, I don't know what to say. Missy's no better. The vet drew off 150 mL from Missy's chest yesterday, which was twice as much as last week. To be fair, though, we aren't sure if the vet got all of the fluid last week, so it may not necessarily mean that Missy's producing it at a higher rate. I kind of think that we didn't get all of it last week because Missy was acting more lively last night than I've seen her in a very long time - like getting her lungs full of air made her really happy. The vet says she isn't in pain, but it's uncomfortable for her when she can't breathe well. The bad thing is that, even though I'm counting her breaths to look for any signs of difficulty, she's been breathing at a pretty normal rate pre-tap and post-tap. So the only way we can tell her little chest is filling up again is by x-rays. Poor baby.

Oh, God - she's been sleeping by my side as I've been typing this, and I reached down to pet her and she really startled - I've never seen anything like it before - she jumped, and had this awful frightened, completely terrified look on her face. She put her paws up, like to defend herself. I wonder if all these vet visits and poking and prodding are really beginning to affect her psyche. She's never jumped like that when petted while asleep. Never.

Okay, now that she's settled down, I'll continue. Oh, my poor baby.

For now, the vet says we'll continue to do what we're doing; maybe she'll prescribe a mild diuretic next week if we don't see any improvement. She also said that it wouldn't be fair to her if she needed to be tapped more often, like twice a week. It's awful to have to think of making her go through repeated needles and discomfort, but I can't quite let her go yet if she's not in pain. In a way, those diseases that are painful are almost better - it's as close to a clear-cut decision as there is, because they are suffering. But she's not in pain, only uncomfortable. I know my vet has said she'd help me make the decision if Missy doesn't get better, and I feel I can trust her, but I'm not ready. They say that the Rutin can take weeks or months before we can tell if it's helping, and she's only been on it a week. Poor sweet baby.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and expressions. This is so hard. I want to do what's right for her, yet I feel really unsure of my ability to know what's right.
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Dear Missycat,

I'm sorry about Missy. I know having to make a decision like that is not an easy one. But you will know when it's the right time. The reason she was so startled was probably because of all the medical attention she's been getting. Having to go in and be tapped for fluid is no fun, and it's painful. And how do you explain to a cat the REASON we're doing it. The cat won't understand. That's why you need to think about it. My cat Marina Mar has an immune problem that causes her to break out in sores on her ears. She's been on Prednisone and the sores have cleared up. I don't know what will happen to her. She's almost 4 years old. As long as her ears are healed she is happy. The vet wanted to put her on stronger steroid and monitor her blood every 2 weeks. I can't do that to her. She is terrified of the vet and needles. So, rather than put her through all that, I decided to keep her on Prednisone. I'd rather have her happy on Prednisone for what might be a shorter period of time than terrified of me dragging her to the vet to have her blood drawn every two weeks and having her with me for longer. Can you understand what I mean?

I will say a prayer for Missy and you. You will be in my thoughts as well. Good luck.

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I am sorry it's not going as well as you had hoped. Whatever discomfort she is going through, she has you to help her through and stand by her. I know it's tough watching them get poked and proded. The love you are giving her will help her get through it. I am sending all my positve energy her way.
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Dear Missy.

I feel for you.

Last night I went with a friend while she put her kitty that she has had for 11 years to sleep.

We cried, we hugged, but he went peacefully.

But.... I bring this up becuase, Max (the kitty), gave her the signal that time was up. He was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with liver cancer, and a large mass. Becuase of his age, the vet suggested no surgery. It was a matter of time. They put him on prednisone, which helped for about 2 weeks, but then he was starting to loose the fight.

My friend KNEW Sunday night, that this was it. Max gave her clues. He stopped eating, was gagging on his meds, and had stopped pooping. He also hid a lot. His quality of life had gone down in a day.

My friend kept saying over and over in between her tears, I hope I am not doing this too soon. I don't believe she did. Neither did the Vet. She did the wonderful thing of releasing Max from his pain and sent him to play with other kitties.

The point of this babble is.... you will KNOW when the time has come. Missy will TELL you. To me, it sounds like she is not ready yet. But you will know. As agonizing as this is....you will know.

I hope that gives you some peace of mind. Our beloved pets let us know WHEN they want to go.

I send you love and light.
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Missycat - I am so very sorry - Vjoys words said it all, I think.
You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
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I agree with Val. My baby did the same thing, stopped eating pooping and he hid. For now, just keep loving and praying. You will know when or if the time comes. I truly hope it does not come anytime soon because I know the pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your baby.

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Well, we keep going back to the vet at least once a week to get fluid drained from her chest cavity, but The Miss is holding her own. My vet tells me that Missy's doing far better than most cats in her situation. Not that there are many cats in her situation; she's very unique. Sometimes the fluid they get is whitish and milky, sometimes (like today) it's mostly clear and straw-colored. But she feels so good after a tap! She walks around the house like she can't get enough of living. And she's not yet getting worse, so I can be thankful for that. She's got far more good days than bad, and that I'm also thankful for.

We don't know how long we're going to have her - she may stay the same, or get worse, or she could completely go into a remission - we just don't know, because we're not sure exactly what's going on. She doesn't have true chylothorax, though that's the closest diagnosis that can be made. I know we may lose her, but for now I'll continue to spoil her, enjoy her, and make sure she takes her meds. I may have to make the dreaded decision someday, but not yet, and I'm grateful for that. Meanwhile, she and I spend our days together, enjoying each other.
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You're doing the right thing. Love and spoil her all you can while she's with you. As long as she not in any pain or suffering. You KNOW the day will come when you will have to make that decision. But for now what is important is the quality of time you have with her. Make the most of it.

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