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"Make A Member Feel Good" 1/13/05 - MOM OF FRANZ

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I pass this torch on to you, a well-deserved person who puts herself aside to let the sun shine on the one next to her......whatever the situation.

You've NEVER let me down, that's for sure. You've been my crutch to lean on, my audience when I've joked around, and my encyclopedia when I needed help and didn't know what to make of things.

When I vent out something you give it back to me all fixed. So, for that, you are also my "cement mixer"! That's right, you read it right the first time! I give you something, you mix it all together in your mind, and give it back to me so solid, I know I can hold onto it forever!

No matter how many members there are here - there is only ONE Barbara!

Love to you -
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Hi Barbara I'm not sure that we know each other I have only been around for a few months but I thought I would take the opertunity to say hi it would be nice to get to know you from the above thread you are odviusly a well loved and respected member of this site and I hope to get to know you soon hope you have a great day
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I don't know you very well, but I always learn something from your posts, you indeed are one of the smartest people I've ever had the chance to "talk" to
You are honest, kind, and caring, all things that make a very very good person, I hope one day we can get to know each other better!
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Hi, I don't know you very well, but I do know that you are certainly very intelligent, helpful and motivating, thoughtful and kind too!
Your advice that you have given to me about renting with pets has given me the motivation to explore the laws and find out more about what is and isn't allowed - I would never have thought of doing that! Thank you!
Enjoy your day and I hope to get to know you better!
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One Nurse to another, Barbara, not only are you incredibly intelligent, if not brilliant, you can always find the humor in any situation! You so often just make me roll over laughing! You are extremely insightful and help others to step back and view their situation in a new light, and you can always be relied upon when asked for your input or advice. I'm so thankful for your presence here, Barbara!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
not only are you incredibly intelligent, if not brilliant, you can always find the humor in any situation! You so often just make me roll over laughing!
Stephanie literally took the words right out of my mouth!!! what a wonderful beautiful person you are Barbara. I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing the wisdom in your words.
I am so pleased that you are part of this board as without you something would surely be missing.

Enjoy your special day - you deserve it
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Oh what a brilliant choice! Well done Barbara

Barbara i remember when you shared with us about your Bipolar?!. I made a point to look it up on the internet so i could have more knowledge into what you were going through

Despite this you always seem to be a ray of sunshine and i really hope that one day you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel because your one of the sweetest persons who deserves it

Not only that but who can forget that your the one who gave Rosie and Sophie their famous name of "The Smudge Sisters"
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Mom of Franz! (I didn't know your name was Barbara until just now...) Remember a while back there was something on here about whose posts you look for? Ding ding ding! It's yours! You always have such smart things to say and when I see your name on a post, I make sure to read it carefully.

And I so admire you for opening up about your bipolar disorder. I know a lot of people at this site have struggled with depression and/or have family members with depression. (Yes on both counts here.) Just simply hearing that someone else has the same experience can be soothing. So thanks for that.
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Barbara - I love reading your posts. I think you are an amazing woman, very open about yourself, and I have a lot of admiration for you, a lot of respect for you.
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Barbara, you are such a funny, warm hearted person and to have you, Franz and Maddie in TCS family is such a blessing!!!
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I dont know you too well either Barbara,, but I have picked up on the indight, wisdom, and compassion in your posts with out having to know you. I am honored to be among members like your self. Your being such a wonderful, caring person benefits all of us, so I would just like to take this oppurtunity to say "Thanks!" , just for being you!
Have a spectacular day!
-Stevie(and Conner)
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Barbara--you bring sunshine to everyone's life!

You're an amazing person and you are very brave--

have a blessed day!
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Hello Barbara,:wave: yoohhoo for you, you´re a tender person, I´m so glad that you´re the nominate person of this day!!!
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Congratulations! You have a great sense of humor which accompanies your keen intelligence. It's always fun to read your opinions in the IMO forums...
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I too respect you for breaking the silence around BiPolar. I have a few friends that struggle with this disorder and I know that sometimes in the morning when they wake up, they are disappointed they are still here.

Thank you for giving me more of an inner perspective of what they deal with daily.
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Barbara, even though we disagree on almost everything in IMO I always appreciate discussing issues with someone who is intelligent and well-informed.
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Thank You guys and especially Cheryl for this wonderful honor. I was literally bowled over to see "my name in lights today" This site has become so important to me. Sometimes when I feel down and a bit hopeless all I have to do in sign on to TCS for some warmth, inspiration, a funny joke and even a good argument! God knows I love to argue...LOL! Even a good argument can make you feel alive, and that is therapy indeed. I truly thank you for the love and caring I feel from across the country, and around the world. I have never been on a message board that made me feel so close to everyone! And the fact that I can invite you all in to my livingroom (without seeing the mess) is a wonderful gift. Thank you again for this special honor and special hugs to you Cheryl once again! I told Franz and Maddie about my honor, Franz was somewhat ticked...he hates to give up that alpha cat position...but as long as I am there tonight when I come from work and open the can...all will be forgiven I'm sure!

Franz (Franz with love and a bit of an attitude!)
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Hi Barbara, I so totally second and third and fourth everyone's admiration of you for breaking the silence on Bi-Polar. I also have to add that I love your humor, your sensitivity, and the warmth that you naturally project through your posts, regardless of debate! I am one who was silent when reading about bi-polar, as I found no real comfortable place to add what happened to my own mother. I was raised by my father and my brothers, and let's just say it is a rainy day story and not meant to hijack this wonderful thread on you. So we will leave it be for now. She did not have your bravery nor grasp on reality and could not cope. Hissy>>>I have a few friends that struggle with this disorder and I know that sometimes in the morning when they wake up, they are disappointed they are still here.>>>
I believe this statement is so lazer in its insight that I will just let it speak for itself. Thank you Barbara for being you inside and out. Your presence is of tremendous value. you can be our alpha cat for as long as you like.
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I too am relatively new to this site, and I thank you regularly, if silently, for all the great advice you give to people, and from which I have learned a lot!
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Barbara, your presence on this site certainly enriches the experience for everybody. I really admire your social conscience and commitment to helping others, and enjoy your sense of humor and wit.
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Originally Posted by ccoccocats
Barbara - marvelous! Nobody could deserve this more. You made my whole day yesterday when you wished me good luck in the show next weekend. I will try to make you proud of me.

Love, kisses, pets, and lots of purrs,

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The problem is the later one posts-all the things I want to say has already been said many many times so I agree with EVERYONE!!!! KEEP SMILING
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Barbara, congratulations!
You are intelligent, kind and possess quite a sense of humor. I love reading your IMO comments. You deserve this special honor!
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Hey, Barb, me again, just wanted you to know I sent you another PM.

Also, don't forget to choose your member for tomorrow! Enter it either late tonight, or early tomorrow, ok? Good luck in deciding. It was very hard for me cause there are so many special people here!
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