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My heart stopped

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This morning my naughty QT almost gave me a heart attack. She heard the birds on the roof and decided to take a shortcut from the terrace. She ended up clinging for her life on the iron grill. As you can see, the grill sticks out to empty space. I wish someone could have taken her picture w/o me screaming at her to get down, but I can show you this so you can picture it in your mind. BTW, she's okay. For her, it's just another normal day.

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Ha ha... that's horrible! And yet funny!

We're moving my cat to my boyfriend's new apartment - a loft. I've sworn that's she gonna give me several heart attacks and she explores living somewhere that has TWO stories, including an 'open' upstairs (there's a little balcony but she could easily get through)!
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I hope her "explorations" are safe!
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Oh, yes! Our lot are forever giving Mum and Dad the heeby-jeebies!! The stairs indoors, which are split, going from a landing at the front door, both up to the main floor and down to the basement -- altogether a ten-foot drop from the main floor to the basement, among the railings -- a tremendous jungle jim for them And then there's the railing and stairs on the back porch -- another 10-12 foot drop to the ground. They have a fascination with the narrow area outside the railings, of course! Can't stop 'em -- I just try not to look. And, of course, when I protest to them, they look at me like "MUUUUUUUUUM! What's the PROBlem??" As you say, just a normal day!
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oh my!
But yayi, what a nice view from up there......
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I'm glad everything is ok!!! Cats tend to get into just about everything!
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Oh, how scary, Yayi!I'm so thankful QT is ok! Now, QT, no more scaring your Mom like that!
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Yikes Our fur-babies do the darnest things I'm glad she is ok. BTW, I love the look of the terrace
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Wow that would have scared me silly I'm glad she is ok

Our kittys are so good at turning us grey I blam my hubby and kids but it's really the kittys that do it you know
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