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How do you feed your cats?

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Are your cats scheduled eaters (like getting a set breakfast and dinner and maybe snack?) or are they allowed to graze all day?

I grew up with cats that were fed moist food morning and night and dry for snacks..along with table food...can I just say? they were all quite overweight

We feed our cats strictly dry food..no table food ever..and a bowl is left out for grazing throughout the day (although again, we've cut back on Mr. Kittys portions right now cause he was going overboard and having some tummy issues)...they are both right where they should be weight wise to be healthy...
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Mine graze (love that term for it! ) on dry food throughout the day/night, whenever they want (I make sure the bowl always had food in it), and they also get a scheduled feeding of wet food once a day, in the evening. Esmeralda is a bit overweight (not drastically so, and I really think it's just the way she is, because she has always been this way, even when she was getting only two relatively small scheduled feedings a day), but the others are all right where they should be, weight-wise.
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Mine graze too!!! I tried a regular feeding schedule. That didnt last very long Thats how my cats felt. They kept banging their heads against the wall looking for food.
So they always have dry food and at night they get wet food...
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Mine get wet food morning and night, with dry kibble out24/7.
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Baylee might be getting scheduled feedings - she's started wolfing down her food in the mornings and early afternoon so by nighttime she's done and by the next morning I'm sure she's very hungry.

She usually gets mostly dry with some wet in the morning and night to supplement.
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Mine free-feed, or graze if you will and they get wet food as a treat whenever hubby thinks Ophelia needs it. Trent isn't interested in wet food at all...

Moving to Health & Nutrition.
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Until Kai broke one of his bowls the other day that I have yet to replace.. He had dry food out all day.. and I would give him wet food in the morning and at night... Now, he gets wet and when the bowl is empty I add the dry... I have to replace the broken bowl so we can get back on schedule...
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Mine graze 24/7 with Hills w/d dry. One of my cats only eats dry - and she is the one who could lose a pound or two. The others are fed a small (5/6 oz) can divided into 5 plates at 6 am and again at 6 pm. Sometimes it is all eaten if they like the flavour, and sometimes it isn't, but then the dry food bowl is empty:-).

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I feed my kitties wet food in the morning and than again in the evening and leave out dry food for grazing. Except for Spyder, he won't eat dry food , he's never even tasted it! So I give him a little more wet food in the afternoon for his lunch.
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Mine graze all Day with a Taplespoon each of friskies in the morning as a treat
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I feed my boys canned food twice a day, and leave kibble (SD Kitten) out for grazing.

I am researching raw diets and high-quality kibbles. This would keep them on the same schedule as they are now.
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