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Wish My Baby Good Luck

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Hello All,

The day has come, tomorrow my baby boy, CoCo is having his SNIP.

I'm leaving work in 10 minutes to check him in, weird thing I have butterflies in my tummy right now.

Im gonna miss him tonight licking my face eyelids etc...

Wish him luck...Thanks
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ohhh good luck! my leeloo is at the animal hospital right now she just had her surgery today and I'm going to miss her so much tonight! I'll just say to you what everyone told me to cure my butterflies... everything will be alright you'll see when you call to check up on him and then you'll feel much better ^_^
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I'm sending prayers for you sweet CoCo.
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Vibes for Coco! Everything's going to be just fine.
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Don't worry Coco...the SNIP is a SNAP!
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Absolutely yes!!!! Sending good Vibes and good wishes for the sweet CoCo!!!!
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Stay strong little man! You and Leeloo will be right as rain in no time!
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Awww poor little man. He'll be much happier once he heals anyway. Hope he heals fast and well. He's a cutie.
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Beautiful little CoCo, you'll sail right through this and be back home safe and sound in no time at all!
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Good vibes and good wishes for Leeloo and CoCo -- don't worry it really is very easy and quick and they'll recover very fast.
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Just got off the phone and found out my little man did just fine and that he was awake and bouncing I miss him
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Oh, what a relief! You must be so happy to hear this! Your baby CoCo will be back home in your loving arms in no time at all!
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I'm glad he's doing fine When can he come home?
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I get to pick him up tomorrow after work.....can;t wait...seems very far away
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I shall be feeling like you next week. My babies go for their snips Friday 21. I'm sure your kitty will be right as rain in no time, but I know what it's like to be nervous for them. I shan't be happy until a week on Saturday when it's all over.
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My Baby boy is back and I am super happy. Poor lil ginger was getting lonely...and I might add I really missed him too, after all he always makes sure momma is up on
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