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Nasty AND incompetent! (vent!) and a question...

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This morning, I went to the ER to get an antiobiotic for a sinus infection - I have chronic sinus problems, and end up with an infection three of four times a year. Usually I go to see my doctor, but this time they couldn't give me an appointment for the rest of this week - so I would have had to wait until Monday, and by then it would be soooo much worse and would take a lot longer to clear up, having had longer to 'set in' (not to mention it would hurt a lot in the meantime), so I went up to the ER.

Well, as soon as I got in with the doctor and he found out what I wanted, he started scolding me in the rudest way, basically yelling at me, saying that this isn't what the ER is for, that I'm wasting everyone's time, and that I should feel bad for making people with real emergencies wait (which is crazy because there's a sign posted right up in the waiting room that says that people are seen in order of the seriousness of their problem, not 'first come, first serve', so nobody who was more seriously sick than me would have had to wait until after me). I explained the situation to him about not being able to get a doctor's appointment, and he still wouldn't shut up about it, he kept lecturing me the WHOLE time he was seeing me - finally I had enough and said 'I heard you the first time, and I already explained the situation to you' and he finally stopped. I mean, I realise that the emergency room is meant for emergencies, but I don't see what other choice I had in this case, besides suffer for almost a week before I could see my doctor, and I've had to do this once before, and that doctor didn't give me a hard time at all. At any rate, saying it ONCE, politely, would have sufficed.

So then he refuses to give me an antibiotic (I think mostly just because he was mad at me for coming there), saying that it's not necessary, and when I tried to explain that I've tried to go without one before (I really don't WANT to be taking antibiotics three times a year!), and that it wouldn't clear up on its own that time (because I didn't think he realised I had a history of problems with my sinuses), he started scolding me AGAIN, saying things like, I'm the doctor, I make the decisions, you don't know better than me, that's why you came here and took up our time, isn't it, to get a doctor's opinion? Finally I told him he was being very rude, and at that, he started writing me up a prescription (why he changed his mind, I don't know) - I told him that they usually give me a certain antiobiotic, and he told me that that one was no good for this kind of thing (even though it's always worked before ) , and that he was giving me a different one. I didn't feel like dealing with him anymore, so I didn't argue.

So I get to the pharmacy and give them my prescription, and then after a few minutes they call me and want me to clarify that I'm allergic to sulfa drugs - I told them I was, and they told me that they'd have to call the doctor, then, and have him give me something else, because the antibiotic that he prescribed me was a sulfa drug! I told them when they were checking me in at the hospital that I was allergic to these, and it was written right on my chart! And he prescribed it anyway! I was already so shaken after being told off by him (I really, really hate confrontations like that), but that totally blew me away - I mean, if the pharmacy had not caught that - I don't even know how they knew I was allergic to sulfa, I guess it must have been in my file from another time when I was there - I would be really sick right now from taking that drug! I think Dr. Jerk needs to spend more time actually looking at his patients' charts and less lecturing them, and maybe he then he wouldn't screw up like that!

Anyway, my question is, does anyone know where/to who I would report this? I'm not even going to bother complaining about the way he treated me, because there's a doctor shortage, and so they really can't afford to be picky about things like whether a doctor has any kind of people skills or manners or treats the patients nicely, so I know they wouldn't do anything about that part, but I am so livid about him prescribing me that drug - IMO, it's totally negligent and irresponsible for him to prescribe me something that it says right on my chart I'm allergic to - and I want to report him for it. Anyone know to who (in the province of Ontario)?

Sorry, this got really, really long, I didn't mean for it to be, I'm just so upset about this right now. Thanks for letting me vent.
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Sorry I don't know who you should complain to... but geez! That's horrible! When I was in college I didn't have a doctor and I wasn't taking summer school so I couldn't go to the school doctor so I went to the ER for what turned out to be strep throat... I wasn't even remotely told half that stuff! I'm sorry, what a punk!
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OMG! That is totally irresponsible and unacceptable! And what a jerk on top of trying to kill you! Hopefully he was just too full of himself to notice the allergy, and he didn't do it on purpose. He's a huge malpractice suit waiting to happen!

The pharmacy probably caught it because sulfa is a very common drug allergy, so I would guess they ask anyone just to be sure.

I have no idea who to complain to. I would probably start with the hospital itself.
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You can go to the head of the department, the head doctor of the hospital, or even the AMA on this one. No one needs to be rude even tho doctors and attorneys feel they have the right. So when you do complain, make sure you tell the story from beginning to end. Don't just mention the drug. Talk about the lecturing and attitude.

One thing I will add...changing antibiotics is sometimes a good thing. Yes, it might have worked the last time, but your body can develop an immunity if you take the same antibiotic over and over.
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I am allergic to sulfa drugs as well. I almost ended up in the hospital when I took them once.

Your ER's must be different than our here. Ours are always so packed full of people who are coming in because they don't have health insurance so they can't go to the regular doctor, but the ER isn't allowed to refuse them. I went for a migraine a few months ago and the guy in the room next to me was there for crabs yuck! So I couldn't imagine a doctor here acting like that or he would be yelling at people all day. I don't know of who you can contact, but I do hope you get to feeling better soon.
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I would complain to the hospital, as well as the Ontario College of Physicians. That was totally irresponsible. Normally if I can't get in to see my doctor I go to one of the many walk in clinics around Toronto. I always find them more helpful the Toronto emergency rooms. My M-I-L went to emerg this week (coughing up blood) and it took them 3 days to get her out of emerg and into a room. Toronto emergency rooms are scary!
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Originally Posted by Sweets
One thing I will add...changing antibiotics is sometimes a good thing. Yes, it might have worked the last time, but your body can develop an immunity if you take the same antibiotic over and over.
That is so true... I used to get strep throat every 3 months and was always given erythromyacin (sp?) and my body got used to it and it doesn't do a thing for me now. They always want to prescribe it for me since I am allergic to pennicillan and sulfa drugs
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I don't like doctors. My family doctor is quite rude...*a story that I don't think anyone wants to hear lol.*
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Dr. Jerk needs a blood pressure pill and a class in anger management. He should not and !
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lol @ mrsd *nice use of smileys!*
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Originally Posted by mrsd
Dr. Jerk needs a blood pressure pill and a class in anger management. He should not and !

hahaha Sheryl!
Well since you are in Canada, I'm unsure our AMA would listen much, no offense at all, but isn't there a Ministry of Health or something like in Quebec that you can write to? or ? And I am so sorry you had an awful visit, Juniper!!!
That is just unacceptable.
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I know in military hospitals they have patient rep. and thats were I went when I had a problem with my sons doctor and the care he was getting. I think they have them in civilian hospitals. They represent the patients
rights and act as a go between. I hope this helps.
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Definately in Ontario, the College of Physicians is the place to complain to as they do the majority of the regulating. Ontario Ministry of Health should also probably have a complaints department.
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Here is alink to the complaints section of the College of Physicians.
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I did a little bit of searching and I can't seem to find anything on where to report them. I would find out what Board certified the doctor you saw and go back to them and report his behavior. That basically is grounds for him to get his license taken away...not to mention the professionalism he lacked!
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Yes--there you go...try the link Adrienne offered.
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Write to the CEO of the hospital, and the Chief of Services of The ER. Hospitals hate to get negative feedback, so it might help. Though thru my own experience it's the nurses that get called on the carpet for inferior servive, the docs seem to get of scott free. Make sure you mention that the allergy to sulfa drugs was plainly on the chart, he's not only an ass****, but negligent as well!
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Definitely contact the Ontario College of Physicians. Our family doctor actually used to be the President up until a couple years ago.

You probably should have gone to a walk-in clinic instead of emergency but that doesn't give him the right to speak to you that way.

He definitely needs to be reported for prescribing something you are allergic to. What would have happened if the pharmacy had not caught it and you had gotten far sicker?

Thankfully our medical centre has an emergency clinic that is manned by one of the doctors at the centre on a rotating basis and each of the doctors have access to your file if you have given written permission aforehand. It sure saves a lot of worry if you get sick on a weekend.
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There's always sort of a hospital managing staff (I can't remember what it's called, but my cousin was the head of his) in each hospital.. if I could remember the title, you could call the hospital proper to report. I would, in fact, call the hospital proper and ask whom it is you are to lodge patient-treatment complaints and errors on scripts to
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I would DEFINITELY write, call or go to the head of the hospital and make sure they take you seriously.

What an idiot! He has no business caring for patients with that attitude!!!!
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you need to report him.......He made this mistake with you...whose to say he will not make the mistake again.....and on a side note..I was planning to go to the ER tommorow to get antibiotics because i think I have a
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