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Lazy, lazy, lazy...

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Man, I am so lazy today at work. My last day is Friday so I should be doing stuff to get ready and make sure everything is in order. Instead, I took a longer break then normal and went shopping for baby stuff. As well, I have been on here all day. I did put some of my things in a box and did do some work, but I just don't want to. Co-workers are taking me out for lunch tomorrow, so there goes half a day. I guess I better move my butt in the morning to make sure my desk is clean. It is amazing what can accumulate in/on a desk during a year!
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I'm always that way before any type of time off - the last week, I never manage to get anything done, I guess I mentally take off early. I wouldn't worry, just enjoy it!
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I know exactly what you mean--I cleaned my desk yesterday--took me well over an hour!
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