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Originally Posted by Juniper
Oh my gosh, I am so, so jealous, I love hot weather! Can I come stay with you in Melbourne until it's summer here again?!
of course our house is always open
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Rigel, it's official. We're all moving in with you until it warms up in the northern hemisphere.

Like the Cincinnati area we had temps in the 60s until today. Temps have dropped about 30 degrees since this morning.

Then there is the flooding along the Ohio, Wabash, and White Rivers. And our basement. (Luckily the new sump pump has been working.)
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
Cincinnati here.

Today -- 65 degrees and cloudy. The Ohio River is cresting tonight - it's at flood stage or above, I think? I work down by the river, just checked and it's just about touching those lovely bridges we have here! We aren't breaking any records however. The record high for Jan 12 in Cinci is 71 degrees. Thursday night we get a cold front and will have below-freezing temps for 5 days straight (back to Old Man Winter).

2 weeks ago we got a record-breaking snowfall. 12 inches in 'most' places, 20 inches in some. It's all melted now of course hence all the flooding.

Indian Summer. I'm wearing a skirt with no hose & a light jacket, carrying an umbrella. Friday we'll all be back to ear muffs, hats, gloves & boots!

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it's absolutely beautiful here in Wellington, New Zealand!

We have had HOT sunny days five days in a row! Finally summer is starting to kick in!
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It's -42 with windchill right now. We had some days that cold without the windchill, so any time it's -20 or above it's almost like t-shirt weather. We have lots of snow right now which looks nice.
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It's raining pretty hard this morning...talk about weird weather...overnight it was in the 60's by midnight tonight it will be in the 20's!
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