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What is the best advice you've ever been given?

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The best advice I've ever been given?

~Stand up for yourself; keep your integrity intact, your ethics on track, and your morals strong.
~Fight back only when in the corner, but then don't stop halfway.
~Fight as hard for yourself as you would for your best friend.
~Love often, with great abandon, and with joy. Should it not work out, it is not is simply experience.

What was the best advice you've ever been given? About anything at all...

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When my dad was trying to talk me into going back to college, I kept resisting. Finally, I told him that I would be 30 years old when I finished. He told me that I was going to be 30 any way. "It was better to be 30 years old with a degree than just plain old 30."
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My mama told me to never put anything in writing unless I would not care if it were spread across the page of a newspaper.

A good friend told me that I had no choice over anything but my attitude.
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Best Advice?

Love yourself first, and everything else will fall into line. No one can love you until you love YOURSELF and accept yourself, respect yourself.

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Tie your shoes before you go for a walk (I am a klutz).

Look inside for what you need before you look to others.
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"You should be nicer to tht boy, no one else will ever love you that much." My mom concerning my s/o when we were still just friends.
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When I complained to a doctor that I really admired, that I was too emotional, too quick to cry he said, "But Barbara your sensitivity is your gift." Made me look at things a lot more differently.
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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
When I complained to a physcian that I really admired, that I was too emotional, too quick to cry he said, "But Barbara your sensitivity is your gift." Made me look at things a lot more differently.
That's really good... I'm very quick to cry also, so looking at it as a gift might help. Thanks!

The best advice I've been given? My mother telling me to just try. That as long as I've tried my hardest, no matter the outcome, that's the best I can do and not to worry about anything else.
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Nothing in life worth having or keeping is going to be easy or painless.

Tough times never last, but tough people do.
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To let go and let God......
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My father is a very wise man. He's told me a couple things that have stuck with me.

You can never effectively argue something or change someone's mind until you understand their side of the issue.

Learn the rules and play the game by their rules (the game of life in general), but use their rules to make sure you win!
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You reap what you sow, so be careful what you plant.
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It was when this elderly man with a thick eastern European accent came up to me in a park while I was babysitting one day - asked me if the baby with me was mine, and when I said no, he asked if I wanted my own baby some day, and I said yes (actually, I don't, but that doesn't usually sit well with older people, so if they ask I just say "yes"). So then he asked me which kind of baby I'd like, a boy or a girl. I said 'boy', just for the heck of it, and then he tells me that he was a professor, in some kind of science, back in the day, and that he'll give me some advice: if you want a boy baby, then you have to have sex at a certain time, if you want a girl baby, at another certain time (I forget now the exact times he gave), and any other time is just for fun. Then he wished me a good day and walked away!

Oh, wait, actually, that was the *weirdest* advice I ever got.
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Weird is good, too.

There is some amazing advice here....thanks for all the contributions.

I was thinking about another bit of advice I give myself - I'm not sure if I heard it, or thought it up myself. I can't remember....

~Go by the book. But be the book's author.

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Life isn't fair (still try to deal with that one everyday).
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I had just broken up with this girl, well...she dumped me. Anyway, I was dwelling on it for days. My friends would tell me the usual friend stuff, sugar coated, etc... but that didnt' help.

Finally, my dad told me that I needed to grow the ##$% up, get over the damn girl, get back in school and get my crap together.

I actually needed to hear it that way...not sugar coated and to the point. I'm greatful my friends were there for me, but I needed to be slapped in the face. Now I'm back in school - a year away from my BA, have a solid job, have been promoted twice in 2 years and I'm doing pretty good for myself and haven't looked back.
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WOW~~ Buckeye, that is great. I admire so much your movement forward. Be brave and always turn your face towards the warmth of the sun. I have a feeling that a very special gal is out there waiting to be found by you - and she'll be quite lucky indeed!
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Life is 10% what it does to you - and 90% what you do back. You may not be able to control the things that happen in life, but you can control how you chose to respond to them.

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Fear is just a four letter word

No Pain, No Gain

Dreams are worth fighting for, don't give up on them, and fight for them with every inch of your life, when you get there, look back and learn from what you have achieved.
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It's not really advice but a good friend of mine showed me the light, during a conversation a few years ago, about committing to what you want to do, and following it up, to the end.

My friend said "Honestly, I know you're "busy", but do you really have anything better to do?"

Frankly I didn't and it took some time but now I'm pursuing that new path in life. Good stuff!
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Don't conform to anyone else's idea of normal. Their just as weird as you are just in a different way.

Love yourself first and everything else will fall in line.

Trust in God.

Take the time to tell people how you feel about them everyday. You never know when you'll never see them again.

You can't choose your family, you just have to accept them.


Don't eat yellow snow...or for that matter brown snow.
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Take the time to tell people how you feel about them everyday. You never know when you'll never see them again.
That's a lovely one. I don't do this nearly enough.
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Never go to bed angry... It's not guaranteed that you'll wake up...

Everything happens for a reason... Never question it just take it for what it's worth and learn all you can from it....

Learn to be happy within yourself because when all is said and done, you are the only thing you've got...

If you don't want anyone to know your secrets keep your mouth shut! You never know who you can truly trust... (This one is more true than anything)
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I don't remember the sources of all of this advice, but use it in my daily life:

If you don't ask for something, the answer is always "no".

What goes around, comes around.

When you want to throw a pity party, no one will want to come.

Don't push the river, it will flow by itself.

And from my mom (I was shy as a child): "speak up"
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"Just pretend you know how." I was shocked at how much I could really do.
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There is a reason that we only have one mouth and two ears - its so we listen a lot more to what other people are saying....
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To leave my ex-husband after 7 years of hell!
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Cut the credit cards up.
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My Dad said:

"Life is hard...
Life is VERY hard... Once you get that into your head, you can move on with whatever life hands out to you..." (He was right!)

THANK YOU DAD--I love you!!!
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