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More problems, vanishing posts

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I am starting a new thread, if anyone else is experiencing problems on the board would you post here please?

My threads keep vanishing, even after hitting submit, and when I post for the first time, it tells me I am duplicating myself?
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Phew! Thought I was crazy there for a bit, MA ! But wait, I am crazy........nothing to do with the board problems though!
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TAK is away, so we've had someone else have a look. I hope we can get this sorted out soon.
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Yep its happening to me too... Says I'm duplicating posts.
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Slow as molasses in January!

I'm on a fast machine (2.8 gH) on a fast connection (T1) and it took over two minutes for this reply window to finish loading. A moment ago, I wrote a reply to the "Just Faces" thread in "Fur Pictures...", waited a similar time for a preview to display, then hit submit and got the "Invalid thread specified" message -- twice, so on the second time, I accepted the invitation to notify the webmaster, then backed up to the original reply window and submitted from there. It took almost three minutes to finish displaying.

I haven't experienced any other problems today. However, now I'd better go and do some work
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mine vanished this morning, but later i could post again. i thought it ws my network, not TCS's!
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I couldn't stay away and found this time around things are moving a lot more normally. It's still taking longer for pages to load than normal, but not anything like as long delays as earlier. I'm talking normal load times of up to 20 seconds, current load times of 30-40 seconds. What was happening earlier was approaching 3 minutes.
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