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kitten not growing?

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I got my kitten at about 4months old, she was spayed about 1 month ago and is probably roughly 7 months old. the problem i have is that i don't think she's grown since i've had her. she was a very small kitten (i knew her at the shelter she was in) but all the kittens that are about her age and that people guess to be her littermates are much larger. she is about 11in from the neck to tail, 8in from foot to shoulders, and about 12in around the chest (it's not very accurate, i'm sure you all know how hard it is to measure a rowdy kitten with something that they want to play with) i havn't been able to weigh her yet, but she doesn't look very large and she is not overweight. is it normal for a kitten to be so small? does this just happen, or could there be something wrong with her? nobody i talk to seems to be sure either, so i was just wondering if anyone else knew of this.
thanks for any advice
pixie's mom
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Sometimes kittens are small because they are considered the "runt" or the smallest of the litter. If she's been to the vet I'm sure they have gotten a weight on her. If they were at all concerned they would've said something. There are also kittens that suffer what you call "failure to thrive". The best advice I can give you is to ask your vet. It also depends on white breed of kitten Pixie is. How is her appetite? I have a Sphynx kitten called Pixel (Pixie for short) who is a real peanut. She had so many things wrong with her from the very beginning that she now, at 6 months only weighs 4 1/2 pounds. She has a voracious appetite and is a ball of fire. I give her a daily dose of Nutri-Cal, which is a vitamin supplement that is high in protein and calories which I hope will help her put on some weight.

Have you had her Teiter tested for FIP? That would be another thing I would suggest doing.

Maybe Rene, a new member, can shed some light on this as well.

Good luck.

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I would have to say go by weight. I have 2 VERY petite cats who are healthy as horses. As long as a medical problem is ruled out, I would have to say that cats like people come in many shapes and sizes.
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thanks for the replys. she's just an (extra)ordinary shorthair tabby. my vet doesn't think it's anything serious, but since my mom works for him he's a little less prone to do big tests. it'll be nice if she can stay a little pocket kitty, or shoulder kitty since that is her favorite perch ^_^
again, thank you for your replys
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Hehe, a healthy kitty is a great kitty no matter what size!! I am one to talk, I breed munchkins and Max they usually hit 6 to 9 pounds...
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