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Leeloo needs good luck vibes

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Hey everyone, my kitten Leeloo went in this morning to get spayed, I dropped her off at 8:30 and I dont get to see her again until after 2 tomorow she is probably in the surgery right now as I am writing this and I am just a wreck. If you would, send some good luck prayers and wishes her way
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She will be fine, what a cutie . In a few days everything will be back to normal. Good luck !!
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Oh Leelo, you´re gonna be all right!!! My best wishes to you and sending good Vibes!!!!!!
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Good vibes and thoughts to you Leeloo and your human! You will both be fine!

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I'm sending *Good Vibes* to little Leeloo for a fast recovery. Keep us update
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thanks they said I should call around noon to see how she is doing. Until then I'm just gonna sit here and be a worried mom
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Good luck wishes to cute little Leeloo, and stay calm vibes to her worried mama!
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Awwwwww don't worry, weve all been worry worts when it comes to vet visits

Sending ((((quick recovery vibes)))) for Leeloo
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awwww, She will be absolutely fine:-). When you are going to call this afternoon and they will tell you she came through in flying colours with absolutely no problems:-).

Sending lots of warm fuzzies to you to help you through this day, and healing energy to Leeloo for a quick and uneventual recovery.

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Sending good vibes to leeloo!
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hey everyone thanks for the support, I called them and they said she was doing great, she was just waking up from the surgery when I called... that made me feel a lot better... I'm just gonna miss her tonight while she is gone but at least I know she is okay
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she'll be fine - Cable was spayed on the 8th, & she was running all over the house the next day. now she doesn't even squeak when i pick her up! i'm glad they called you & let you know how she was doing!
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Yay, i'm so glad everything went well.
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Glad she cam through with flying colors! She will be really happy to see you tomorrow!
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Aww...little Leeloo will be just fine! It's the worst feeling in the world when you have to drop them off .
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Hooray for Leeloo!
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Yeah, Leeloo, we knew you'd sail right through your procedure!It will feel so wonderful to have your baby back in your arms tomorrow!
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I just got home, and saw your post. She's such a beautiful girl. I am glad she's doing good. I remember not having MyRage for a night, after she got fixed. It was hard. I had the three kittens at the time, they kept me company, but... She's MY Rage, my baby. I missed her.

I understand you've got to be missing your girl too.

NyghtShade's gunna get fixed soon, as soon as I can catch up with my vet, lol, we've been phone tagging for a week now! I told my hubby to schedule it at her earliest convenience. She's a mobile vet, so if anything, she could pick her up. The office she uses to do surgeries is close to where I live, wich is also close to her house.

She'll be so happy to see you when you pick her up. I bet you can't wait.
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I just included good vibes for you and Leeloo on CoCo's threads. By the time you read this you might have your girl little back in the house. She's just adorable.
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hey everyone, thanks for the support and luck! Leeloo is home and just fine, her cute furry tummy is all shaved but she is her usual self just a little sleepyer... the only thinkg I'm worried about is she was having an overgrooming problem right before I took her in to be spayed and now she is licking the area with her stitches a lot I have to keep telling her NO and holding her head away...other than that she is okay. I still have her valium perscription from the over grooming (I had stopped giving it to her because I thought it was a little extreme, I'm not a big fan of medications like that for people or animals) I might start giving it to her again, the vet said it would be alright. I'm just so glad to have her back with me
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