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Our 2 kittys/intro

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Hi all!

I'm new to the here's our quick intro and two pics of our kittys

we own two little furry ones..Miss Kitty who is 2. We adopted her in June; she was abandoned at a vet's office with her kittens. The vet fostered her for a month and then regretfully turned her over to the cat rescue society here. We adopted her 2 days later. She came right to us and started purring. She is the princess of the house..little diva that she is

And we just adopted cat #2..a little male companion for Miss kitty. We adopted Dino, aka Mr. Kitty, this past Saturday from the SPCA. He was turned in by his previous owner because they were active duty military and were being deployed. He is SUCH a love bug and I have never, ever met a cat with such an amazing temperment. We have two younger children (2 and 6 1/2) and he is unbelievable with them! His first night with us, he spent the entire night sleeping ON me purring...

The first few days, Miss kitty liked to show who was boss but they are now sleeping together, eating together playing together, etc..they are really coming along quickly!

Here are two pics to show them off

Nice to "meet" everyone!

Miss Kitty

Mr. Kitty

Stace (2kittys4us)
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welcome , and what beautiful cats you have. It's great that you adopted them , especially with kids(some people think that cats can't be around kids), I am sure these to will bring you lots of joy!!
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Welcome to the site Stace! Miss Kitty and Mr. Kitty are both just gorgeous!
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Thanks, guys!

I always grew up with cats so I never thought about not getting one because of us having children! Silly some people would think that way! Mr Kitty, already, has given me the impression that he could never even THINK of turning on anyone..our two year old will hug him while he's eating and not even an ear will go back..he seems to care less. Miss Kitty..well she can get sassy and may bat at them then walk away but even that is rare. They both still have claws, too and I'm not even worried! They joined the family like they had always been here
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!! !!!!
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Hi Stace and welcome to TCS! Your two furbabies are absolutely gorgeous.
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Welcome to TCS!! Always glad to see another Virginian on the boards.

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Hi Welcome!! your cats are so gourgeous!! thats great you adopted them we adopted two of our cats from the SPCA Xena (who sadly passed away two years ago) and Zeus. anyway again welcome and i hope you love this site as much as i do!!
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Hi and welcome to the site. Your kitties are gorgeous.
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Hi and welcome! We're glad to have you and your kitties here!
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Thanks again so much, guys, for the warm welcome!
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Stace, Miss Kitty, and Mr. Kitty !So glad you joined us and look forward to getting to know you better!Oh, your babies are so gorgeous!I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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how wonderful of you to take in these 2 precious kitties - and whats better is how quickly they are becoming friends thats just great!!

they both are adorable and sound like such wonderful kitties

looking forward to getting to know you all!!
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Hi Stace, and welcome to TCS! Your fur-babies are sooo pretty! I'm always fascinated @ the array of coat patterns/colors of cats, & must say- Mr. Kitty has a very handsome Classic Tabby coat, & Miss Kitty a very pretty Mackerel Tabby coat!
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Welcome! Nice to "meet" you and your kitties too!
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Hi, and welcome! The kitties are beautiful!
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Hello and welcome!!!

Your kitties are sooo cute!!

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