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litter box problem

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Hi everyone. My cat has a rather peculiar litter box problem that I'm not sure how to deal with. I posted in an earlier thread that while she would urinate inside of the box, she'd only defecate immediately outside of it. I got a larger box and it didn't help. I tried two boxes; she uses them both indiscriminately. I moved the boxes -- no change in her behavior. I got a covered box and had the same problem. I use the litter her rescuers used (Feline Pine), so it's familiar, but she also did this the first few days she was here, when I had a different kind of litter in the box.

Tonight I was able to observe her behavior. She enters the litter box and digs -- I thought she was looking for a place to poop, but she's looking for some sort of stability as she poops -- she doesn't want litter under her feet. Ok, fine, except that her butt is STILL outside of the box, with the poop hitting the floor. She gets it in the box if I move her butt, but she makes no effort to cover it up, or anything.

How can I get her to **** in her box? I'm MIGHTY irritated.
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Maybe she needs a bigger litter box? She might not realize her butt's sticking out.
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I use one of those sweater boxes, that you slide under the bed after packing it with your clothes? You can get them fairly cheap at Target or WalMart- works great- and you don't have to fill it with litter completely. Just put a mound in it, they will scratch around and move the litter accordingly. I also use stall dry, it's just plain clay like litter that you put in horse's stalls to remove odors. She may not like feline pine- I would switch her to a regular litter
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There's another type of box you can try. Around here they had to order it for us, and it was expensive at $34.00. It's called a "Bhooda Dome." It's a big round dome (covered) litter box - our largest cat, at 14 pounds, fits comfortably in there. It has a large kidney shaped space where you place the litter - large enough to do as hissy suggests, and just place a mound of litter in the middle - but it has steps going up one side. We purchased it because the cats track so much litter out of the box, and this looked like a potentially interesting solution - which it was. They track the litter down the steps on the other side of the box (also under the cover). But because the area where the litter is is entirely contained within the box, she wouldn't poop on your floor - perhaps on the steps of the box, which would need some cleaning, but better there than your floor or carpet.

Just a thought.
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