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How could she get it?

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Planeta started to have something strange in the last week or so... she was starting to get red bloody sores all over her tail and rear, and would scratch herself so badly she would draw blood.

This evening we took her to the vet.

This is the diagnosis: She was starting to get mange.

She's received an injection, and I have to take her every week for four weeks to receive that injection. I have also received a shampoo which I have to bath her weekly with it for four weeks (Bath her weekly... I need to upgrade my life insurance), and a series of drops I have to give her orally twice a day until the two boxes he's given me run out.

He also advised me to keep her isolated from the other cats at least until she gets a bit better, so that it doesn't propagate. I have got her in the old cage I had used for Moab when he was just captured and rotten with the same illness and when she was on antibiotics from being run over by a car. It pains me to see her in that cage again... but she hasn't complained oddly.

She should get better easily... it was detected quickly, thank goodness... but somehow we are all wondering how could she get this... and how the other cats haven't caught it, and are perfectly healthy... They are having the hard skin of a toad.
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So sorry Planeta is suffering with this. I don't know anything about mange, so I can't offer any ideas as to how she got this. Just hope she won't have to be in the cage too long, and her skin will heal quickly.
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