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Ringworm & behavior

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Our dear little Sassy (4 mos. old DSH) was diagnosed with ringworm yesterday. After a couple of shots and some oral medication, with another dose to follow in a week, she seems a bit better. However, two nights ago, and again last night, she uncharacteristically pooped under our dining nook. Before this, she never went outside of her litter box. We did, recently, do a litter overhaul/replacement, but she went in the box after that. She peed in the box last evening, no problem.

Is this a temporary behavior because she doesn't feel well?

Advice on correcting this?

Thanks for any and all responses!

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My little one was given a extra large dose of "the program" for ringworm and it upset his tummy very much. Everytime you give them something oral it certainly could upset their system. Since the program is in the system for 30 days one dose was enough. If he would have had to have another I would have refused and asked for something else. Is there no topical that could work. I call your Vet and tell him what is happening right now and ask him to re-evaluate the second dose. Best to you and your fur baby.
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You can catch ringworm from your kitty, so be very careful in handling and petting him.
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