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My babies are leaving home!!!

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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that my babies are going to their new foster home today, in about an hour infact. I know that this is the best thing for them and that they are going to be happy, healthy and loved; but I feel like crap! Every time I start to visualise myself walking away from them I start to get all teary; excuse me, the monitor is blurring infront of my eyes again. It's been happening a lot this morning!
Anyway, I know I can't keep them and that there is someone very special out there who is just waiting to take them home and love them....in about 8 weeks when they're old enough.
Please wish me luck guys! At this point in time I don't know how I'm going to do it. Maybe I should just get someone else to take them for me? I know, I'm being silly. They're only a few days old, it's not as though I've had them for years, they are just so beautiful! I'm going to miss them terribly!!!! I need a tissue......I will let you all know how it goes.
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Awwww I know the feeling....I felt the same way when I gave my 2 rescued kitten over to one of nieces last summer. But it helps to know they will be going to a loving home.
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I'm so sorry for the heartbreak you are feeling right now. Just always remember that if it hadn't been for you, they wouldn't have the chance at a wonderful life. Bless you for caring for them, even if that means you have to let them go...
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Heidi's right. Without you - not a chance.

And don't feel silly it's easy to get attached in one day. I remember taking the orphaned kitty "I was just going to raise" to the vet. I had only had him a day and a half. When they told me "You know, he probably won't live" I broke out in the biggest sobbing scene ever. Had to go to their bathroom and they were knocking on the door asking if I was alright. :lol BTW - kitty made it fine.
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I just caught up with this, so the kittens are already off to their new home...
Without you they wouldn't have the chance to grow up and be loved, just try to remember that

How are you feeling now? Anytime you need us we are here!
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It must have been so difficult for you to see your babies go, Di. It was you with your special love and care who gave them the chance at the wonderful life they will have with their new family!
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